Saturday, July 16, 2022

It's 2022......Relax and have a beer.........commerical from the 70s.

It's about timne I dropped by. Just under a year since my last post. Still it's an occasional thing now. The main project is to get the Jetsam exhibits over to our friends at for safe keeping for the end of eternity. Well, i'm hopeful for the eternity anyway. Brewster Kahle seems to be a bit eccentric rich guy, but I applaude him for preserving a lot of what wouldn't necessarily be preserved if he didn't do it. That's sort of the philosophy around here, so just glad to have a place to put my exhibits that don't disappear when the monthly hosting ends because I can't pay the bill. You know, the 6 feet under thing. The Grim Reaper won't do it for me. I've been thinking of preserving my work here somewhere, and as I use the internet archive for other things, it seems like a natural fit. So far this date, 2010, 2011 and 2012 exhibits are all now on the internet archive, with links working accordingly. Any bad links, let me know, as tedious work as it is, I can miss a few things. This however, is the first exhibit to go straight to the internet archive and linked here.

Based on a date label on the tape that the radio station put on the box, from September 1976 a rather lifestyle oriented leaning campaign for Miller High Life Beer. It seems to be a blue collar focus, but aren't a lot of these things? The refined gentleman sips fine wine, which the average working guy chugs down pitchers of beer as a reward for a hard working day to deal with. I get it.

In any event, here it is.....til next time.

Miller High Life Tape AT 120 (September 1976)

Miller High Life-Skin Diver-A-5-60-0108


Miller High Life-White Water-A-5-60-0109


Miller High Life-Smoke Jumper-A-5-60-0110


Miller High Life-Mountain Climber-A-5-60-0111


Miller High Life-Trucking-A-5-60-0112


Miller High Life-Motorcycle-A-5-60-0113


Miller High Life-There Comes a Time-A-5-30-0116


Miller High Life-Day Is Done-A-5-30-0117


Miller High Life-Call It a Day-A-5-30-0118


Friday, July 23, 2021

Flotsam-PSA's of the dead celebrity kind....

This exhibit has a theme, continuing the Public Service message even after the celebrity has passed. I suppose it's a bit morbid, but the message is still valid, albeit a bit dated and fun nostalgia at the very least. Here's 3 celebrities that i'd be surprised you didn't know who they are if you are a certain age...

Frank Sinatra turned this PSA for Easter seals in 1976

Johnny Cash about Stop Smoking for the Seventh Day Adventists (date unknown)

Finally John Candy for the Canadian Wildlife Federation

Enjoy, Until the Next Exhibit

Sunday, April 11, 2021

MMMMMMMMMAX HEAD ROOOOOOOMMMMMMMM and 80s advertising Megaforce!

It's time for an exhibit of Commerical Flotsam...from the 80s.

Undeniably, Max Headroom (as portrayed by Canadian actor Matt Frewer) has to be an iconic symbol of the 1980s that lasted beyond the short lived Max Headroom TV series about Network 23. The whole bad stutter and what amounts to primitive graphic of the 80s on what the future would look like makes me think of a slightly simpler time.

Does it make me think about Coke? well not really. Still, Max was HOT circa 1987, and appealing to the young and if anything is a perfect vehicle for Coke, was Max Headroom.

It was a advertising marriage made in heaven you could probably say.

These two radio spots from that year remind you when max is new, stuttering with a artificial looking computer image was cool and you just wanted to "catch the wave" of hype that was the soft drink's slogan for that era.

Funny though, just coming off the new taste of coke, drinking trhe old taste of coke, I don't remember buying into the hype myself, but I just drank the product, but Max Headroom was still fun and decades later, it still is.


Coca Cola Ltd Max Headroom "Good Taste" # 87-72-30
McCann Erickson Advertising June 4th 1987


Coca Cola Ltd Max Headroom "Classroom" # 87-330-30
McCann Erickson Advertising June 18th 1987


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

More Chewing of the Gum....

Back in 2014, we looked at Wrigley's Spearmint Gum jingles from the 1960s. the actual link to that post here HERE! Recently I found another disc from what seems to be around the same time, and a similar campaign, but here's the spots that are slightly different.

This one sided disc contains four spots

Picket Fence






Window Washing


Enjoy Until Next Time!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Celebrating a decade of the Jetsam.....

Today March 26th, marks a decade this little project I started because I collected all these tapes, and it's time to come up with something to do with them. Working in radio production for a couple of radio stations, I tended to take a few tapes home after the commericals were finished airing, before they were erased to be reused for other purposes. Stuff that caught my ears one way or another. My wife actually came up with the name, and I wrote the purpose as posted on this page. Everything came together, and over time, I've had people contact me looking for "that one spot" that they cannot find anywhere. I wish I was a miracle worker, but the reality is, I only have so many, and this is why posts have not been frequent over the last few months. This will continue, but this blog will not be considered dead in my mind. If I find something of interest, it will be posted.

For our 10th Anniversary, I have a rather incredibly nice package that is a time capsule of the mid 1960s that a friend gave me cleaning out his records. the "now sound" of the 1960s reflects in this jingle package that is more a PSA then anything else, about taking a portable radio everywhere you go a "lively companion" as it were. It was done right, top 40 artists and stars of the time, with the Johnny Mann Singers, who sang a majority of the big top 40 radio station jingles in the US and beyond of that time.

The whole package is colorful with distinctive artwork and coloring, so I have included lot of pics of the package.

As for the AUDIO......






Until Next Time!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Generic Jingles for a Funeral Home? Yep.....

With halloween tomorrow, I thought I'd go a bit creepy, because, well, nothing says talking about death then a jingle, no matter how tasteful you try to make it. At least in my mind. WKRP did the wole ferriman up tempo funeral home jingle thing back in the 70s, and well they were shooting for laughs, this set of jingles was serious business. I'd love to hear the copy someone would have come up with for these jingles...It would be interesting.

That's not to say there isn't other fun stuff here, The garden side of the disc has some bad puns in the lyrics you sort of expect. Just add a hypy over the top used car salesman type announcer and you'll have a great spot.

The image ideas disc has some very generic comments about sales that you can almost use anywhere....campy as they are.


Disc 5021-Side One


Disc 5021-Side Two


Disc 5121-Side One


Disc 5121-Side Two


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Come On Over.....and I'll buy you a Beer......

I haven't had some 1970s US Beer spots in awhile it seems....well, if I did it recently in the last year or so, I couldn't find them on a quick google search, so here's some more. From a tape collection I bought years ago off ebay, i'm still getting some mileage out of the material in it. No doubt most, if not all these reels are jingles forgotten in time. One thing that amazes me is how hravily compressed the audio is. It was the era I suppose, AM radio was king, and everything is produced for AM Radio. Heavily compressed meant pushing out of your speakers much like squeezing a balloon and watching it bulge in certain areas. The bulge is the loudness of the audio increased. It does sacrifice audio quality though. The quality isn't much better then a black and white TV back then. It still got the message across.

From April 1976 a Variety of Jingles for Papst Blue Ribbon Beer. Note that cut 4 on this tape was ruined by someone recording over part of it, so with a bit of editing of the :60 jingle from cut 1, I came reasonably close to the original.

From September 1976 (based on the side label on the box) 3 version of Miller Lite Beer.


Finally, from May 1977, this really isn't a jingle, but some great creative about beer. Seems a quick google search implies the company is still around too, or maybe it's just someone else used the name for a restaurant. In any event, there's are 2 great spots.


All the Best. Scott