Thursday, August 29, 2019

Come On Over.....and I'll buy you a Beer......

I haven't had some 1970s US Beer spots in awhile it seems....well, if I did it recently in the last year or so, I couldn't find them on a quick google search, so here's some more. From a tape collection I bought years ago off ebay, i'm still getting some mileage out of the material in it. No doubt most, if not all these reels are jingles forgotten in time. One thing that amazes me is how hravily compressed the audio is. It was the era I suppose, AM radio was king, and everything is produced for AM Radio. Heavily compressed meant pushing out of your speakers much like squeezing a balloon and watching it bulge in certain areas. The bulge is the loudness of the audio increased. It does sacrifice audio quality though. The quality isn't much better then a black and white TV back then. It still got the message across.

From April 1976 a Variety of Jingles for Papst Blue Ribbon Beer. Note that cut 4 on this tape was ruined by someone recording over part of it, so with a bit of editing of the :60 jingle from cut 1, I came reasonably close to the original.

From September 1976 (based on the side label on the box) 3 version of Miller Lite Beer.


Finally, from May 1977, this really isn't a jingle, but some great creative about beer. Seems a quick google search implies the company is still around too, or maybe it's just someone else used the name for a restaurant. In any event, there's are 2 great spots.


All the Best. Scott

Monday, June 24, 2019

Remember that "Banana Jingle"?????

...for Chiquita Bananas specifically, it dates back to the 1940s. In fact, here's a you tube LINK HERE to a animated commerical run in theatres in the 40s, with Carmen Miranda doing the sing for the memorable jingle.

We, however, present a mid 1980s take on the whole jingle, singing the song in various situations which reflect the titles of the versions (as noted on the box below)

Please note, the 1st cut audio I did a ok edit on, as the tape was missing the very first part of the cut, so I took the missing part from the second cut and put it on the first to make it more complete (got it? I know it's a bit confusing!!)

Also, starting with this exhibit, I am moving the source audio to Google Drive as an experiment.


If this works out, we'll eventually use it going forward and move everything over eventually. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Both of these Jingle discs are NOT like the other.....

Going through some of the tanner stuff I have, I found 2 5001 Lps.....apparently there was a "R" version of 5001, which I will assume is revision, despite the fact it has a totally different label, or maybe this is where the company decided to change the labels? Who knows.

So, 2 tanner Lps this month, which seems to have different jingles on them. Enjoy!

First just the 5001 disc





And now the "Revised" 5001 Disc.





Sunday, April 14, 2019

AND NOW.. For Somethin Sorta different....current jingles....

I ran across this site recently where Juicy Fruit, an iconic brand of chewing gum in North America, apparently wants to changed their jingle, so they decided to put up a website with 5 different variations on the jingle and you can vote on what you prefer.

Funny thing is though, they all still sound similar to the original that's been around since the early 1990s, so not that much of a different take on things.

Still, here's 5 different full sing versions of the Juicy Fruit Jingle to enjoy while the site is still up.

If you want to save the mp3 files, and have a web browser like firefox (which I used) right click your mouse on the page and select "save page as" make sure web page complete is chosen, and the mp3's will be saved with the rest of the page in a folder near where you saved the actual page itself, or should it?

Oh, yeah, the page itself is HERE at

Friday, February 22, 2019

A Mix of Stuff to Start off 2019


For our first post of 2019, we mix it up as I decide to just grab what I find easily in the vault of boxes where I store the commerical tapes that get posted here. There's more then a few, so I've decided to make it easy this time around with some commerical jingles and a Tanner LP of generics.

First off from 1995 is a Thruway Muffler jingle package. There are still Thruway muffler shops in Canada, though that's based on a google search, I haven't been to one myself. The "Talkin to the Boss" jingles raised an interesting angle implying that no matter who you talk to at the shop, "you're talkin to the boss" which makes me wonder if all those people are bosses, who the hell does the actual work? I ponder.

This tape is fun as it also has the french versions of the jingles...well, we are a country of french and english, but I seldom come across reels with both.

Thruway Muffler "Talkin to the Boss" August 1995


I threw this in for fun. The Bay is Canada's oldest retailer, going back to 1670 and they're still around, albeit in a limited way compared to their past, but still here in a sea of American imports floating around here. They decided to take the song "montego bay" to rewrite for their one day sale from 1993. The audio is slightly distorted, but that is the source material. Still a fun listen

HBC Media/The Bay "Montego Bay (One Day Sale) 1993


Finally, more jingles from the Tanner pile of production albums I have. Oh Boy these are delightfully dated. The "hey pretty girl" jingle...well....I suppose it may not be appropriate for 2019.

Tanner 5128 S1


Tanner 5128 S2


Friday, November 30, 2018

Twas the month before christmas...and all around the jetsam.....

...there must be a few more christmas things to post.....yeah sure....I bet'sam.

Yeah well, tis the season to get on the holiday bandwagon like everyone else...Christmas, holidays I really don't care what the hell you call it, just don't call me late for turkey with all the trimmings this holiday season, which, I confess is always fun for the whole family.

There...all the cliche's I can think of coming out with...for now anyway.

I dug up a few things, largely christmas related but mixed in with a few other events for good measure, and why only share a couple cuts from a production album? Just makes more sense to post the entire disc.

First off, bandleader Henry Jerome, who cut more then a few Lang Worth transcriptions in his day, apparently cut a countdown to christmas disc for LW likely in the 1950s. He was likely well known enough to the audience to actually do this countdown disc, but the wiki doesn't say much. Check it out HERE if you are curious. In any event, it's still a fun countdown to christmas with a couple generic messages mixed in for good measure. Fun dated mid 20th century nostalgia!



This disc from the Pepper Library, likely dated early 1970s is kind of fun, for a couple cuts in particular on side two, The after christmas blues and the safety belt PSA's are delightfully dated and campy for the era, back when seat belts were actually an option when you bought a car and if you decided to use them. Don't get me wrong though, side one has fun jingles that are sort of like being at the bottom you're look to climb looking up....trying to get people to buy in january after breaking people's bank accounts over christmas. A monumental task in itself.



Finally, this disc has a variety of year round holiday jingles with a few christmas focused. Just think, you can use this one year around...for what? I don't know, I just post em, you figure out what you want to do with them. The Santa Claus Lane jingle in particular has a bit of a Rankin Bass christmas feel to it....I alway think Burl Ives as a snowman is about to jump in and sing!




Sunday, October 21, 2018

More Lang Worth Generic Jingle Campiness!

Doing some cleaning, I found a few more of those 7 inch Lang Worth discs for a specific business, from the late 1950s. All I can say is that it was a different time, because playing these today, you really couldn't take a sponsor seriously, you'd be laughing too much.....well I am anyway....or at least a WTF moment when these are coming out of a speaker. I wish the quality was better, the discs seem to have been well used/tossed around type of thing, but I've cleaned them up as best as I can.

Lang Worth Disc 130-Side A Jewelry


Lang Worth Disc 130-Side B Drug Store.