Sunday, July 29, 2018

Pledge Allegiance to the corporate flag!

Corporate culture can be interesting. Like a entire government within our society in some aspects. You kind of wonder if employees have to stand at attention when corporate anthems like this are suddenly played in the workplace, break room, etc, on company property anyway.

This particular anthem just makes me think of a large group of people standing at attention with pride and passion and drive as they work. This corporate anthem is proud, bold and grand in it's message.

Did we mention though it's about where you buy your gas for your car? I mean, with gas being largely regulated where I live and everyone pay the same price, it's hard to get into the pride, passion and drive mentality when the tank creeps close to the E mark. It's more for me about where can I go close that I don't have to wait too long to pump my own gas.

Still, you have to admire both the main and country versions of the anthem, as it might have been a last ditched effort to promote the grand old Texaco brand as it stands as the loyal companion always near as you travel across this great land, assisting your fuel and automotive needs. According to what I have found online, within a year of this radio spot airing, in 1989, the Texaco brand in Canada was sold to imperial oil, and dissolved, with the stations rebranded or shut down. Kind of sad in a way, but at least it went out in style.

Texaco Corporate Anthems (1988)

Tanner Total Sound Library 3402, Side 1


Tanner Total Sound Library 3402, Side 2

Friday, June 29, 2018

For people like you....people who Jingles!

As we are a day or two away from Canada Day (Happy Canada Day's like July 4th in the US, only a bit more polite with no guns and a dreamy head of state!) I'd thought I'd post a jingle package/commericals from a canadian retail icon, Canadian Tire. This year it celebrates 90 years of giving canadian's a variety of goods that really has no comparison. Think automotive/hardware/paint/lifestyle store and you might come close. If you ever come to Canada, check one out.

I just noticed that this is the 90th post on the Jetsam.....coincidence? You may think not, but it is! YAY ME!

This package gives you a 30 and 60 sec donuts along with some idea of what they sold in 1979, one item of which is music. That is no longer is the case, so this is a bit of 70's canadian nostalgia to hear that, besides the fact that the music spot on this package is rather campy "I'm the kind of dad that is a friend of my kids" feel out of a coming of age movie. Some of the items are also nostalgic for the 70s (remember those big wheel plastic bikes?) so while I suppose it's not exactly a full jingle package we commonly post here, it's still fun to hear. This jingle's lyrics i'm hummed for years, I know jingle lyrics more often then commerical songs, I remember growing up with this jingle when I was a kid, so I acted like a kid with a bit of excitement finding it many years later in a box of tapes at a local radio station I worked. Remember, these tapes are often erased. Who knows, maybe this is the last known tape of this package.

Of special note, a couple of these spots feature former CFRB Toronto Sportcaster Bill Stevenson who was on the station for 4 decades and passed away in 2014 more HERE I will have to say I am not absolutely sure it's the sportscaster, I cannot find any audio samples of his work for comparison, but I'm guessing it is. if anyone can confirm this, feel free to post below.

Also this month, Sam's bringing us with a couple more tanner production lps from the 3300 series. Box, inserts and Lp labels from the audio are below. Enjoy Your Month!!!

Canadian Tire May Radio 1979


TTS 3302-Side One


TTS 3302-Side Two


TTS 3314-Side One


TTS 3314-Side Two


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Not skatin around the issue...been busy.

With me, it can be feast or famine sometimes. Too much stuff I want to do, or too the last few months it's been too much. My internet stream acquired a new to me 12 channel audio console from a commerical radio station last year. so after the months of prep to set it up, the install came at the end of march, and time tweaking things since. Things are finally calming down to get the jetsam back on track again.

Speaking of skating ( well did I plan that one!) did you ever go see or did the Ice Capcades every appear in your town? It was usually a big deal when they did. I never did see them myself, but certainly knew it when they came to town, as radio and TV got the ad blitz to promote them. It was so intense, it was almost like aliens were here to meet the leaders (chances are they'd be disappointed if they actually did meet the leaders if social media complaining is any indication) but then you KNEW the Ice Capades were HERE! so it was effective.

Wikipedia says that ran over 50 years, starting in 1940, until about 1991 and then called Dorothy Hamill international from 1993-1995, which isn't really as a catchy name, so maybe that's why they closed down, who knows.

The ET posting for this month's exhibit is a diac a lot of stations got for the 1976-77 year of the Ice Capades, featuring Karen Magnussen for that season it seems. The wiki on Karen is HERE She certainly has some impressive credentials.

I've also included the script for the live tags for the "west" version of the spots, as is came with the disc. the odd thing is, the is no copy on the actual scripts that goes with this jingle. Just other versions. Maybe the rest of the discs got lost, who knows. It's about a 15 second ending so, there's one :15 sec copy you can probably use if you want to create your own vintage ad.


Out of our contributor Sam's library, we present more TTS and Total Tanner Sound Library discs....






Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It was 30 years ago this month.........

...that you found these US radio ads airing nationally on the air.

It's been too long since I pulled more US jingles from my collection of "Dick Clark's Rock, Roll and Remember" shows. almost 5 years in fact....I said I was going to do it more....guess I didn't. Let's do it now shall we?

Here are 6 spots, with various degrees of "jingle" associated with them....from full sings to donuts with announcer, but still a fun look at the 80s nostalgia that is often forgotten about. One actually has a "before his career took off 90s artist". Well, we think anyway.

Avis :60


Campbells :30


Greyhound :30


Hershey :30 (announcer tag by the late Canadian VO artist Alan Bleviss)


Lipton-America's Cup :30 (This sure sounds like Michael Bolton!)


Miles-Alka Selzer :30 (announcer donut by David "bosley-charlie's angels" Doyle)



Our contributor Sammy bring us more TTS generic material with the pics to match.







After some time spent on the older posts, I can now say that all the exhibits from the start to the latest posting are HMTL 5 friendly, which means no automatic playing of audio once you land on the page. I say this as to the best of my knowledge. If you find one of the pages still playing the audio when you land on it, let me know. I like to get it right, but the work being tedious, it's easy to miss things.


Thursday, January 25, 2018

some tanner.......some wine.........oh so fine.......then a little coffee to recover from it.....

I'm lacking in creative titles for this month's exhibit. Let's leave it at that I guess.

A bit of a different take to start off 2018, with some commericals/spots from a pair of 1960s "ET's" which are electrical transcriptions. That term dates back to the 1930s when the failed experiment for putting sound to film evolved into the 16 inch radio transcription which was in the pre tape era of radio recording. the electrical in the term refers to the use of electrical record equipment used from about the mid 1920s on to record and make records. The previous way had a singer sing loud into a big horn, or likewise for a orchestra, they had to play loud. that was called "acoustic"

By the 1960s though, the term was a bit outdated. The LP was well known (the 12" version of the transcription, with "microgroove" grooves as they called them for a period of time) and often agencies would press their commericals onto vinyl because the sound was felt to be better to play off a record on the air then the fairly new broadcast cartridge tape format (grandfather of the 8 track!)

Eventually, the broadcast cart won out and was widely used until computer automation took over in the 1990s, commericals from the mid 1970s on where primarily tape (as proven here in the jetsam with pics of the tape boxes) but thankfully, we have some of these commericals because of the ET aspect of it. Here's two of them for you. Not all of these are jingles, in fact there are no full sings here, but still some neat nostalgia to serve up.

Hills Bros Coffee-Repeat Reheat 1965


Monarch Wine-One Minute Announcements 1968


Also this month, our contributor Sammy brings me TTS 3004 to post this month, after talking about it briefly last month. It's dated like all of the jingles of this sort, but there's still a charm about it. Now we just need some campy ad copy to go with it and y'all be all set YEE HAH!






Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tis the season for Giving!!!!!!!!.....LOTS of Christmas Jingles after all.......

You get Christmas Jingles and YOU get Christmas jingles....and...well, you get the idea....

I feel like freakin Oprah on one of her favorite Things shows....except we don't have to worry about Oprah not paying the taxes for the stuff here.....I PAY the taxes.....but there isn't any, which is why I pay the taxes!!!!

I wish I could totally take the credit for play the jingle santa, but I share it and actually pass the credit really to Sammy Reed. After I said, you know i'm pretty much tapped out, what do you have around?, next thing I know I get a massive file with over and HOUR (yes an HOUR) of a variety of "off the rack" stuff you usually find here. The quality varies, but given the rarity of this stuff, It's fun to actually hear it.

There's SOOOOOOOO much material here, that Sammy did up a list and checked it twice (i'm assuming!) and I split the massive file into 2 parts to make it easier to download. The list speaks for itself. I can't say much more then that, so I won't.

Here is THE LIST (right click to save)

Tanner Christmas Jingles Compilation FILE ONE


Tanner Christmas Jingles Compilation FILE TWO



Here's my contribution you can use all year round next year and beyond....

One of the tanner discs with jingles for almost every occasion throughout the year!





A Merry Christmas to ALL! and I hope you are "Jingling All The Way" with the sounds of the Jetsam this holiday season. It's Fun for the WHOLE Family!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Tanner 3000 Series...IN STEREO! WHOH!

We have contributor Sammy Reed bringing you the existing sounds of the Tanner 3000 series this time around. This is good, as I don't have these, and the times I came across a Tanner disc that said it was "In Stereo" it wasn't...strange really. Nevertheless, these are campy like a lot of the other ones.

Sammy Writes:

This is the first record of the Tanner Total Sound Library, which later became New TTS.

A short, incomplete history lesson about the 30xx category ("Business Commercials", later "Specific Businesses"): At first, they devoted a whole side to jingles for one type of business (Side 1, autos, side 2, banks). 3004 is entirely farm equipment, with a "hick" music style (I think that's gonna be the next one I want to send). It was in 3005 - after the 1st 3 jingles which were all for drug stores - when the jingles started being for different things.

Let's hope we can get some more here......especially 3004.....YES, send that one my way soon....YEE HAW!!!!...OK, wait a minute, I suppose we should do in it order if we are going to. I can wait if I have to.

As for me, i'll see if I can get something out Christmas related before Christmas, but the reality is, i'm tapped out, short of just Christmas production music beds from some of the libraries I have. No real jingles to the point where there's a whole album or even a side really. I think I have a disc of combination which includes 1 or 2 christmas, end of year, January stuff, so that's likely as close as i'll get to anything like I have posted in the past, but we'll give that a try.

In the meantime, enjoy disc 3001 from the Tanner Library.