Friday, January 25, 2013

It's a New Year!! should never borrow money needlessly...

There's some great advise from the past....more on that later.

Happy 2013. It's been a busy month personally, but it's finally calmed down enough to get in this month's jetsam exhibit. I guess I think of this blog as a archives/museum type thing. It's the archivist in me. It's been there since I was a kid, along with a healthy respect for the past. The results are brought to you monthly.

I did have a few comments on some better pics of my RCA 70D turntable, so here is a few. I just put in a new on off switch for the motor that is rotary and with a vintage knob, certainly suits it better then the wall switch. I'm slowly working on trying to plug the holes and doing what I can to clean up the formica scratches. I tend to think that won't work out great based on what I found online so far, but at the least i'll try to make it neat. I don't think I will even consider repainting it, as it has the original paint and it's in fairly good shape. I'm trying to keep as much original as I can.

This is with a standard 12 inch LP on the 16 inch platter.

This is with a 16 inch transcription. This disc is actually part of this month's exhibits.

It's 1958. $1000 was a big deal. Instant cash outlets didn't exist, and one took care with borrowing money. Companies like Household Finance appreciated this, and tailored their commericals that way. These are a combination of both an announcer and jingle.

When you listen to these, keep in mind they were rather serious. You can also keep in mind those JG Wentworth 877-cash now TV commericals that are over the top and really cheesy, because the 1958 jingles today really sound like them....strange but true.


Side 1-SPOTS 1-8


Side 2-SPOTS 9-16


Finally, we have Kmart and a jingle package from August of 1974 that could almost be used today. It's not the usually extremely dated material from the 70s...yes, no wah wah pedal. We have both the "Full Sing" and "Donut" versions of the jingle. Donut=room for the local announcer to do his thing,


Enjoy, and see you next month. Comments, questions, email or post here and i'll do my best to get back to you.

scott s.