Thursday, June 29, 2017

More Campy Tanner foolishness......

Recently, I got an email.....

"I am intrigued by the Pepper Tanner production library cuts that you
share on the blog. Do you have any of the discs featuring singing
one-liners for station jingles or advertisers? I also am interested
in the discs featuring program sounders and themes from the Pepper
Tanner era. Man, I wished I would have made copies of them when I
had the chance!"

(yeah, it looks like William Shatner wrote it, but it's just the way it shows up on this page...can't fix it!)

Well, i'm not one on requests, mainly because I get people saying "do you have this jingle?" or "do you have that jingle?" The answer usually is no, because if you haven't easily found it anywhere else, I am likely not to have it (though I have been wrong on that occasionally)

This is a different story though. It's material I already have.

I went through some of the Tanner LP's this month and found something that might full both requests. Accapellas for various station, that sorta thing, and generic sings for advertisers. I will search more in the future to see what I can find, but here's a start.

By the way this collection was given to me by a ex radio station employee who thought i'd might like them, as he saved them headed for the trash some years ago, and I thought i'd put a few up for the hell of it, as they are jingles and technically jetsam as they were tossed.

Who knew I was going to start something. I guess now, you have a second chance to get a few things :)


PS-as I wanted to use the accapella jingles myself, I edited them down and labelled them individually into a zip file if you prefer to download them that way. They're campy as hell, but if you have a use for them, enjoy the nostalgia.