Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fun for the whole jingle family--local and some generic tanner stuff.

It's been a busy and roller coaster 2017 so far, but I have come out alive with a new and better work enviroment, less stress and more time so say "hey, let's post something on the jetsam" I'll never be as consistent as when I started on this blog in 2010. It really comes down to material. I guess I have posted most of the "good stuff" Still, it will be when I feel a need to post something, I will. That will keep it going for the long term, which is the important part.

****SPECIAL NOTE*********

One of my projects recently on the jetsam is something you won't necessarily realize. Last year, I was made aware of some pages playing all the audio simultaneously. I have discovered that my old audio player coding in the pages was not up to HTML 5 standards, causing this issue. Newer posts included the newer player coding which seems to resolve this issue, but until recently the problem still exists in the older posts. I have now UPDATED ALL THE POSTINGS EXCEPT FOR THE YEAR 2010 with the new player. Given there are 29 posts for that year, it might still take me a bit of time to update, but it WILL be done in the near future. Gotta fix what's broken.


We continue with material from my local area of the Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada region where I was working in the radio production side of a local radio station through the 1980s and 1990s. I tended to take dubs of jingles or tapes being tossed out home, because, well, I liked them, and my hoarding/pacrat tendencies of yesterday met my wife's thoughts of what you can do with them today in 2010 and you have this blog. makes sense doesn't? The world of commerical is very much a throwaway culture, and only survives in the world of you tube far too often. This is why the jetsam exists as you probably know, but has only focused on the local stuff recently.

Here's TK's Carpet from the mid-late far as I know, the company has been long out of business, but thanks to some blitzed to death radio and TV ads in the 80s seen my impressionable young teenage and adults minds alike and a catchy jingle, it's still findly remembered. This is the rarely heard FULL SING with complete lyrics (without announcer)


This next full sing for Gallery One Furniture was also played heavily on the air in the late 80s, early 1990s. Produced by Seacoast Sound in Victoria, BC, while the company has moved on to other advertising styles, this jingle still motivates you to sing about the company brand in such a "group hug" kinda way, don't ya think?


Finally for local, we have a local moving company (they MOVE furniture!!!) Hoyt's Moving and Storage, who celebrated 40 years in the business when this jingle was produced. I remember they were a sponsor of the 8 am news of a local radio station and this jingle was drilled into my head on a daily basis when I was younger, so fun to have a copy of it when I am adult (yes, I am one most of the time!) circa 1979. They are still around.


BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE-----The Generic Stuff.

I really don't think I can get bored digging into the Tanner Generic jingle LPs I have. The stuff is dated, corny and campy all at once. Exact dates are really unknown most of time, and they didn't come with documentation except for one album posted previous dates in the early 1970s, but still very entertaining in a "I can't believe someone used that" kind of way. here's two more complete albums randomly picked (I closed my eyes and just grabbed them...I don't think I have done them previously) and they certainly live up to what I have just mentioned.









Until I post again..........enjoy!