Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tis the season for Giving!!!!!!!!.....LOTS of Christmas Jingles after all.......

You get Christmas Jingles and YOU get Christmas jingles....and...well, you get the idea....

I feel like freakin Oprah on one of her favorite Things shows....except we don't have to worry about Oprah not paying the taxes for the stuff here.....I PAY the taxes.....but there isn't any, which is why I pay the taxes!!!!

I wish I could totally take the credit for play the jingle santa, but I share it and actually pass the credit really to Sammy Reed. After I said, you know i'm pretty much tapped out, what do you have around?, next thing I know I get a massive file with over and HOUR (yes an HOUR) of a variety of "off the rack" stuff you usually find here. The quality varies, but given the rarity of this stuff, It's fun to actually hear it.

There's SOOOOOOOO much material here, that Sammy did up a list and checked it twice (i'm assuming!) and I split the massive file into 2 parts to make it easier to download. The list speaks for itself. I can't say much more then that, so I won't.

Here is THE LIST (right click to save)

Tanner Christmas Jingles Compilation FILE ONE


Tanner Christmas Jingles Compilation FILE TWO



Here's my contribution you can use all year round next year and beyond....

One of the tanner discs with jingles for almost every occasion throughout the year!





A Merry Christmas to ALL! and I hope you are "Jingling All The Way" with the sounds of the Jetsam this holiday season. It's Fun for the WHOLE Family!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Tanner 3000 Series...IN STEREO! WHOH!

We have contributor Sammy Reed bringing you the existing sounds of the Tanner 3000 series this time around. This is good, as I don't have these, and the times I came across a Tanner disc that said it was "In Stereo" it wasn't...strange really. Nevertheless, these are campy like a lot of the other ones.

Sammy Writes:

This is the first record of the Tanner Total Sound Library, which later became New TTS.

A short, incomplete history lesson about the 30xx category ("Business Commercials", later "Specific Businesses"): At first, they devoted a whole side to jingles for one type of business (Side 1, autos, side 2, banks). 3004 is entirely farm equipment, with a "hick" music style (I think that's gonna be the next one I want to send). It was in 3005 - after the 1st 3 jingles which were all for drug stores - when the jingles started being for different things.

Let's hope we can get some more here......especially 3004.....YES, send that one my way soon....YEE HAW!!!!...OK, wait a minute, I suppose we should do in it order if we are going to. I can wait if I have to.

As for me, i'll see if I can get something out Christmas related before Christmas, but the reality is, i'm tapped out, short of just Christmas production music beds from some of the libraries I have. No real jingles to the point where there's a whole album or even a side really. I think I have a disc of combination which includes 1 or 2 christmas, end of year, January stuff, so that's likely as close as i'll get to anything like I have posted in the past, but we'll give that a try.

In the meantime, enjoy disc 3001 from the Tanner Library.