Friday, June 29, 2018

For people like you....people who Jingles!

As we are a day or two away from Canada Day (Happy Canada Day's like July 4th in the US, only a bit more polite with no guns and a dreamy head of state!) I'd thought I'd post a jingle package/commericals from a canadian retail icon, Canadian Tire. This year it celebrates 90 years of giving canadian's a variety of goods that really has no comparison. Think automotive/hardware/paint/lifestyle store and you might come close. If you ever come to Canada, check one out.

I just noticed that this is the 90th post on the Jetsam.....coincidence? You may think not, but it is! YAY ME!

This package gives you a 30 and 60 sec donuts along with some idea of what they sold in 1979, one item of which is music. That is no longer is the case, so this is a bit of 70's canadian nostalgia to hear that, besides the fact that the music spot on this package is rather campy "I'm the kind of dad that is a friend of my kids" feel out of a coming of age movie. Some of the items are also nostalgic for the 70s (remember those big wheel plastic bikes?) so while I suppose it's not exactly a full jingle package we commonly post here, it's still fun to hear. This jingle's lyrics i'm hummed for years, I know jingle lyrics more often then commerical songs, I remember growing up with this jingle when I was a kid, so I acted like a kid with a bit of excitement finding it many years later in a box of tapes at a local radio station I worked. Remember, these tapes are often erased. Who knows, maybe this is the last known tape of this package.

Of special note, a couple of these spots feature former CFRB Toronto Sportcaster Bill Stevenson who was on the station for 4 decades and passed away in 2014 more HERE I will have to say I am not absolutely sure it's the sportscaster, I cannot find any audio samples of his work for comparison, but I'm guessing it is. if anyone can confirm this, feel free to post below.

Also this month, Sam's bringing us with a couple more tanner production lps from the 3300 series. Box, inserts and Lp labels from the audio are below. Enjoy Your Month!!!

Canadian Tire May Radio 1979


TTS 3302-Side One


TTS 3302-Side Two


TTS 3314-Side One


TTS 3314-Side Two