Monday, September 22, 2014

And So It Goes.......

It's been a couple months since i've posted on the Jetsam. I think it's fair to say i'm one of many sharity blog owners who gets to the point where their life gets more busy and things have to suffer. The responibilities of a house, full time job, pets, and finding time for them all often on weekends, just tire one out.

That said, I think this blog will go to "from time to time" status. If I find something cool that I think I'll post, I will. I won't have a schedule to do something here. I think it's the best way to handle it. It will become fun again and not a chore. Trying to find something on a monthly basis can be rather crazy. It's been 4 years, a lot of the good stuff has been posted and will stay posted.

Speaking of posting, I got an email from a radio producer in Ontario who found the Bunsmaster jingle, which was my first post back in 2010. Apparently the jingle is still being used in a town he produces for and wanted to get a dub of the whole package, as he says his copy sounded like it came off a "30 year old cassette". It probably did. I sent him the rest of the package to use. It's great that this site has helped people.

I want to stress this blog is not dead. I won't let it happen. There no reason to do so. If anything it will be a free database of past material free for anyone (until lawyers say otherwise) to enjoy as nostalgia.

I'll update it down and subscribe as it tell you to, so you'll see the updates.

For now! My best wishes to you.

Scott S.