Saturday, April 26, 2014

Speaking of You Tube earlier........

Seems some jingles are on you tube. A friend asked me if I had the 70's Kawasaki "let the good times roll" jingle....on a whim I thought you tube...what the hell right? BINGO. complete full sing in the clear. Gotta love it when this happens.

Here's the LINK!

Just thought i'd post it here

By the way, if you want to make a mp3 of any audio on a you tube video, the online converter Mp3 Fiber is a great resource. Here's THAT LINK can do it yourself for this one.


Until next month.

Gotta have this month's exhibits...

Here at the Jetsam, we strive to find jingles that have "fallen though the cracks of time". A bold statement you might say, but largely true. Year after year money is spent on advertising jingles that air for a short time, then are largely forgotten unless someone is lucky to remember them and posts them on you tube. You tube is great for that if nothing else. I've mined clips off you tube myself for imaging for my internet radio station. It's also just fun to find dated stuff there too.

I think it's fair to say the next two reels we bring you have "fallen through the cracks of time" If I did grab them from the bulk tape eraser.

I don't think I ever heard this Pepsi Cola Jingle other then this reel. "Gotta Have It" hits the ground running for a kick ass rock jingle for the Pepsi side of the cola wars around the same time as Coke had "Always Coca Cola" on the airwaves. I remember that one...I think I have the full song around here somewhere, but this Pepsi jingle? It should be remembered. Now you can.

From 1992, PEPSI COLA CANADA "Gotta Have It" ROCK
Produced by J. Walter Thompson Toronto
From Tape MT-92-105
:60 sec full Sing + :60 sec with :18 donut


This one is just plain fun and while not exactly a "jingle" there certainly has some elements of a jingle in it. Scottowels, a brand of paper towel in Canada, put these spots out in 1988, with a bit of an American influence in them with the Reaganomics spot, but easily could be used today. Hey look, It's another J. Walter Thompson campaign. Is it J. Walter Thompson month on the Jetsam? Seems to be, but it really wasn't intentional. Honest!

Produced by J. Walter Thompson
(see tape reel box pic for details)


Enjoy and til next month.

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