Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yes Virginia....there will be Christmas Jingles!

Tis the Season!

Happy US Thanksgiving by the way.

I cleaned out a lot of the readily available Christmas material already posted here in the Jetsam. It caused me to dig a bit deeper and a little stumbling on some tapes when I was looking for something else certainly helped also. It's the serendipitous voyage that it seems is my life now and then. Not always, because if it was, I'd probably have a few million bucks in the bank by now from lottery winnings, but enough to say...that's freaky!

While we mainly focus on national material here, Christmas gives me an opportunity to dip into my local/regional side of my collection from my area here in Atlantic Canada also know as "The Maritimes". You may not know the advertiser, but it's still a memorable christmas jingle created to show up on the air just in time for the holidays....imagine that! yeah...amazing how all this christmas stuff happens just in time for the it's holiday magic or something.

That's a lead in to the first jingle, 20 years ago, from 1993. The local franchise of IGA came up with this jingle for their chain of stores called "Holiday Magic" featuring local musicians. It's a funky, upbeat original jingle that is also a full two minute song you ca mix in with the christmas traditional material you play every year.

Holiday Magic (1993) full two minute version


Holiday Magic (1993) 60 second version with IGA mention.


Next we have another regional business, Irving Oil. You can sort of argue that they are beyond a regional business I suppose, having expanded into the US state of Maine, but still a big part of the region, with service stations in all 3 martime provinces, home heating and a different division for forestry. It's a big company, with a nice message for the radio listeners 30 years ago this Christmas. This was a dub from a radio station from the company home town of Saint John, NB.

Irving Oil (Christmas) 1983 2, 60 second spots..jingle with announcer.


Finally, let's dig out some vintage somewhat dated Christmas production music from the late 70s. As usual, I just transferred both sides of the vinyl LP, and let you cut it up. These discs suffer from abuse in a radio production studio, production does that, but still survive to see an appearance here. I've cleaned them up a bit, but still a bit of nose if you listen closely. It will saty up here until the ceast and desist copyright orders come in.

The Production Source Disc CL 17 (Commerical Length disc 17) (1979)

Side One


Side Two


More posts, time permitting next month, but at least we have a few.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ohhhhh...Alright, guess no more Blockbuster nights!

No, I haven't abandoned this blog, just sporadically posting exhibits when I see fit. I want it to continue, and it will continue, as I find material or the urge strikes me. You can centainly enjoy the previous material between the posts.

I see in the US that technology finally deals the final blow to a brick and mortar video store staple and probably the last national holdout to the wave of movies available digitally, Blockbuster Video. Here in Canada, Blockbuster closed up shop a couple years ago, but finally the last remnants stateside have decided to close. Shame really, but netflix and even not so legal downloads are a lot easier then hauling your ass off the couch and into a video store to grab a DVD. Technology advancements and convenience win out. Who knew we would be nostalgic to the famous "be kind, rewind" slogan encouraging you to rewind you VHS and betamax tapes so some poor video store schlub wouldn't ahve to do it when it came back, and hey, those mistracking nightmares with our VCR. Everything is too perfect these days. I almost miss lines running through the screen. The key word is ALMOST. I don't think it's enough to want to open a small nostalgic video store and rent VHS tapes and VCR's to people who are nostalgic, but it's a fun thought now isn't it?

Still, may Blockbuster RIP, and here's a jingle you can play if you get nostalgic. "Spend the Night Out In" from 1995.