Monday, September 22, 2014

And So It Goes.......

It's been a couple months since i've posted on the Jetsam. I think it's fair to say i'm one of many sharity blog owners who gets to the point where their life gets more busy and things have to suffer. The responibilities of a house, full time job, pets, and finding time for them all often on weekends, just tire one out.

That said, I think this blog will go to "from time to time" status. If I find something cool that I think I'll post, I will. I won't have a schedule to do something here. I think it's the best way to handle it. It will become fun again and not a chore. Trying to find something on a monthly basis can be rather crazy. It's been 4 years, a lot of the good stuff has been posted and will stay posted.

Speaking of posting, I got an email from a radio producer in Ontario who found the Bunsmaster jingle, which was my first post back in 2010. Apparently the jingle is still being used in a town he produces for and wanted to get a dub of the whole package, as he says his copy sounded like it came off a "30 year old cassette". It probably did. I sent him the rest of the package to use. It's great that this site has helped people.

I want to stress this blog is not dead. I won't let it happen. There no reason to do so. If anything it will be a free database of past material free for anyone (until lawyers say otherwise) to enjoy as nostalgia.

I'll update it down and subscribe as it tell you to, so you'll see the updates.

For now! My best wishes to you.

Scott S.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I can't believe these were generic jingles.........

It's been a couple months since I dug into my Pepper Tanner generic jingles LP's from the early 1970s, so now is a good time to do it.

This stuff is LAME! I mean, REALLY lame. Sometimes though, that's the appeal. I don't know about that for these though. Maybe it was targetted for stations that really can't be edgy. It's the early 70s. It's either the pop top 40 with the "now sound" or the middle of the road, E Z listening, Lawrence Welk is god, Variety show bland sound of some of the FM stations of the time. Maybe that's what these were for. not sure, don't care, but hell, enjoy them anyway.

Of special note, is the Halloween jingles on one side. Those things make Count Floyd from SCTV fame look like Jason from Friday The 13th....seriously. Might be fun to mix em in a Halloween compilation in a few months. Enjoy!

Disc 5224 Side One


Disc 5224 Side Two


Disc 5227 Side One


Disc 5227 Side Two

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

50 years of Donuts in Canada.....Eh?

It's been 50 years. 50 Years since Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Player Tim Horton started a Donut Shop in Hamilton, Ontario that now has over 2000 outlets in Canada and parts of the US and is probably as Canadian as Hockey, or hell, probably MORE Canadian as Hockey.

Some history on the company right from their website HERE
I suppose you can compare it to Dunkin Donuts in the US, with how many stores there actually are, but it seems Canadians are far more passionate about "Timmies" as we call it. I saw on a shirt once "Gimmie My Timmies and No One Gets Hurt" or walk around Canada anywhere and someone might say "Double Double" which is a common term in Canada for "double cream double sugar" in your coffee. Don't get me started on every spring when "Rim Rage" begins, related to their yearly 'Roll up the Rim to Win" contest. If you see cups littering the landscape, you can blame it on someone who rolled the rim, and did not win, and threw away the cup in disgust.

Thus we devote this month's jetsam exhibit to Tim Horton's. I only wish we had more material, but spanning 1986 to 2011 with a number of radio jingles and ads is still kinda cool. There's even a full song you could download when they came out with a full jingle. Just check them all out below, In chronological order. Details on the tape box pictures and links below them for the audio.


From 1987-Apple Top 40 and Blue Collar







In 2011, Tim Horton's celebrated the 25th anniversary of their "Roll Up The Rim To Win" Contest. From a Tim's press release: "Created in 1986 as a "thank you" to Tim Hortons guests at 246 restaurants in Canada, the unique contest has grown into a global annual event at more than 3,500 restaurants in Canada, the United States and Afghanistan. The biggest prize in 1986 was a snack pack of Timbits. Since then, Tim Hortons has given away nearly 500 cars and hundreds of millions of coffee and donuts."

Guess what? They did a 25th Anniversary Jingle, and strangely enough, really explains the Canadian tradition every spring to either win a great prizes or "Rim Rage" and get an invitation to buy another cup of coffee.


Finally, also in 2011 (I was bad with dates on this one!) Tim's revealed their new campaign and slogan "It's Time for Tim's" which was a scaled down version of a previous slogan, "You've always got time for Tim Horton's" There have been different versions of the jingle since, but when it came out, you could actually download the full song. It's a catchy bad ear worm to stick in your head. Well, you decide.


It's a LOT for this month, but it is Timmie's 50th. Did I mention I actually collect the paper cups you get coffee in? They change their designs (especially yearly for Christmas) on a regular basis as they advertise various things on their cups and are always changing them. Kinda fun and a cheap hobby. Thank god my wife puts up with me. :)

Til Next Month.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Speaking of You Tube earlier........

Seems some jingles are on you tube. A friend asked me if I had the 70's Kawasaki "let the good times roll" jingle....on a whim I thought you tube...what the hell right? BINGO. complete full sing in the clear. Gotta love it when this happens.

Here's the LINK!

Just thought i'd post it here

By the way, if you want to make a mp3 of any audio on a you tube video, the online converter Mp3 Fiber is a great resource. Here's THAT LINK can do it yourself for this one.


Until next month.

Gotta have this month's exhibits...

Here at the Jetsam, we strive to find jingles that have "fallen though the cracks of time". A bold statement you might say, but largely true. Year after year money is spent on advertising jingles that air for a short time, then are largely forgotten unless someone is lucky to remember them and posts them on you tube. You tube is great for that if nothing else. I've mined clips off you tube myself for imaging for my internet radio station. It's also just fun to find dated stuff there too.

I think it's fair to say the next two reels we bring you have "fallen through the cracks of time" If I did grab them from the bulk tape eraser.

I don't think I ever heard this Pepsi Cola Jingle other then this reel. "Gotta Have It" hits the ground running for a kick ass rock jingle for the Pepsi side of the cola wars around the same time as Coke had "Always Coca Cola" on the airwaves. I remember that one...I think I have the full song around here somewhere, but this Pepsi jingle? It should be remembered. Now you can.

From 1992, PEPSI COLA CANADA "Gotta Have It" ROCK
Produced by J. Walter Thompson Toronto
From Tape MT-92-105
:60 sec full Sing + :60 sec with :18 donut


This one is just plain fun and while not exactly a "jingle" there certainly has some elements of a jingle in it. Scottowels, a brand of paper towel in Canada, put these spots out in 1988, with a bit of an American influence in them with the Reaganomics spot, but easily could be used today. Hey look, It's another J. Walter Thompson campaign. Is it J. Walter Thompson month on the Jetsam? Seems to be, but it really wasn't intentional. Honest!

Produced by J. Walter Thompson
(see tape reel box pic for details)


Enjoy and til next month.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hi Ho Hey Hey It's our 4th Anniver sarrrrr ey.

OK, that sorta is kinda forced now isn't it?

Still, this month marks the 4th anniversary of the Jetsam. I really didn't think it was that long, but it is. Go figure. I've had ups and downs doing it, but i'm still here, and am glad I am. Hope you continue to enjoy the material here, and i'll answer questions and comments time permitting.

This month we go back likely to the late 1960s, if the titles of the versions of this jingle mean anything. Too often dates weren't put on these things, so you end up guessing. I can still make a somewhat educated one.

This was back when national ads were pressed on vinyl disc, often LP's sometimes 45s. This was a carry over from the old 16 inch transcription disc format from the 1930s-1950s, before tape. From what I have read, ad agencies considered the broadcast tape cartridge (the father of the 8 track) and tape in general to be inferior as a broadcast source then vinyl records, and often insisted (ok TOLD!) stations not to "cart" the audio from the record to playback on cartridge but to play the actual record to air. This mentality eventually disappeared as reel to reel tape became the standard in the 70s, and yes, Broadcast Cartridges did too, even into the 1990s when everything was replaced by a computer.

But tapes were often erased and reused, and well, it was impossible to do that with vinyl, unless you want to make a frisbee out of a record. So these gems still exist. Good thing.

There are 5 versions of the "Hi Ho Hey Hey" Jingle, all of which have that groovy 60s feel to them. All of which are within 1 mp3, to make it easy. Why did I post a photo of the flip side label? It's cool, and you don't see that everyday. I didn't bother with the audio, because, well, if you like silence with clicks and pops, fine, but I'm not big on it.

Enjoy, Til Next Month.

W.M. Wrigley Jr Co.
Spearmint-"Hi Ho Hey Hey"
5x60 Jingles


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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Little Flying First then Cock a Doodle Doo!

You don't necessarily expect a well known Hollywood composer to create jingles for an airline, but that's what happened in the early 70s. From the sounds of it, he also acquired the services of an 80 piece movie style orchestra to go along with it. Lotsa $$$ for this campaign, and it seems Eastern Airlines was so proud of it, they decided to release on a small 7" record which is presented here.

More about the late composer Maurice Jarre on his wiki page HERE
He did the "Ghost" and "Lawrence Of Arabia" music? WHOH!

I might add doing a little research on this music, I discovered on you tube, but as I have cleaned up the noise on the audio, I like to think it's at least a bit cleaner then what else is out there. Apparently some of the cues for this campaign went on a 4 CD set of Maurice's film music, but apparently the stuff off this record didn't. All the more reason to put it on the jetsam. This stuff really shouldn't be tossed away. It's elegant.





This is really cool, from a blues point of view. The Listerine "Foul Mouth Blues". This is so well done, you really it want to be a song, but alas it's only a 60 sec spot. Shame. Still, download and play it on your mp3 player and enjoy! It's likely forgotten by most everyone else. That's what we try to specialize here at the Jetsam!

From 1993, Listerine "Foul Mouth Blues" # R-5668-60
Produced by J. Walter Thompson Toronto
From Tape SI93-1850
:60 sec Full Sing (NOTE: audio with SLATE)


Til Next Month

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back to the glory filled a car, grab a beer and you're in advertising bliss......

These days though, remember not to drink and drive....

I doubt of you would ever think of these too products together in your head, unless you are reading this post. I thought I would start off 2014 on an odd combination note. Why? oh, I don't know, I just found the tape, thought of the 70s, and it just came together. A good enough reason now isn't it?

The rental car industry seemed to be tough in the 70s. AVIS "tried harder". What the heck does that mean? Does that mean they fail harder? Do they not succeed? Makes you wonder if that positioning statement would work today, but it did in the 70s it seems. It also seems that some of my questions are explained in this full sing jingle in this month's exhibit.

This is quite a package, full sings, donuts and even instrumentals. You can even do your own 70s style radio ad with the AVIS jingle music. I do like to be complete.

This seemed to be a couple years before OJ Simpson ran through airports for Hertz. Maybe they should have sent some AVIS spokesguy to chase OJ out of the airport in some fight to the death match to see who was the better car rental company....oh wait, I suppose that's more of a concept of today then the 70s. Oh well.

Enjoy the package. You find a link below to just the full sing Cut 1 on the package and the entire reel.

And speaking of's a Hertz TV spot on your tube from 1978 just for fun OJ SIMPSON HERTZ TV SPOT

Hard to believe it will be 20 years this year that the whole "Trial of the Century" circus started. I'm getting old.

From 1976, AVIS Rent a Car System Inc.

Cut 1-ITAV-R-6116 Full Lyric R 1 :60


All Cuts-Entire Package


Here's more of the beer spot reels I have from the US. I posted the last reel almost 2 years ago in February 2012. I got a great email from a person looking for these jingles, mainly because Glenn Yarbrough sang those. The previous reel is HERE if you are curious.

It's interesting to see how much emotion they are trying to push into these ads. Trying to connect with the everyday joe to buy the product. My first though is, as i'm not a drinker, does anyone really give a you know what about emotion when you want to relax with a cold one, possibly get loaded drunk stumbling down the street or hanging off a cabbie who takes you home and you crawl into the door preparing to puke in the toilet for a "time"? I never got that connection with alcohol. There's more to it they just getting a buzz if you believe these ads.

Enjoy and til next month...I might have a foul mouth jingle for ya.....

From late 1977, Anheuser Busch-Busch Beer 1st Pool 1978

Full Package, all 6 cuts


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