Friday, February 28, 2014

A Little Flying First then Cock a Doodle Doo!

You don't necessarily expect a well known Hollywood composer to create jingles for an airline, but that's what happened in the early 70s. From the sounds of it, he also acquired the services of an 80 piece movie style orchestra to go along with it. Lotsa $$$ for this campaign, and it seems Eastern Airlines was so proud of it, they decided to release on a small 7" record which is presented here.

More about the late composer Maurice Jarre on his wiki page HERE
He did the "Ghost" and "Lawrence Of Arabia" music? WHOH!

I might add doing a little research on this music, I discovered on you tube, but as I have cleaned up the noise on the audio, I like to think it's at least a bit cleaner then what else is out there. Apparently some of the cues for this campaign went on a 4 CD set of Maurice's film music, but apparently the stuff off this record didn't. All the more reason to put it on the jetsam. This stuff really shouldn't be tossed away. It's elegant.





This is really cool, from a blues point of view. The Listerine "Foul Mouth Blues". This is so well done, you really it want to be a song, but alas it's only a 60 sec spot. Shame. Still, download and play it on your mp3 player and enjoy! It's likely forgotten by most everyone else. That's what we try to specialize here at the Jetsam!

From 1993, Listerine "Foul Mouth Blues" # R-5668-60
Produced by J. Walter Thompson Toronto
From Tape SI93-1850
:60 sec Full Sing (NOTE: audio with SLATE)


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