Monday, June 4, 2012

Buick Automobile Jingles 1990

Here's a different source....a video tape. TV commericals use a variety of "stock footage" to produce the final commerical. Stock footage is footage that is shot and often used over and over again for various reasons, usually to save money. Need footage of a particular city or landmark? Stock footage can provide this to save you the cost of sending someone to do it for you. In automobile commericals, "running footage" is shot and provided to the car dealer to produce a TV commerical. like stock footage, it can be used over and over again for various reasons. It is, the car "running" on the roads and general driving "beauty" shots to entice you to watch the TV're suppose to go "ohhhhhh" and "ahhhhhh" in your mind when you see it. Yeah, what does this have to do with the Jetsam? While this tape had a lot of nice looking Buick vehicles dated from 1990, it also had the full jingle package to help produce the audio portion of the commerical. This also includes the local announcer voice over between the singing parts of the jingle, often called the "donut" because the middle has a hole for the local VO. Sing outs are sort of a "1/2 donut" with instrumental music for the VO and then the singers out with the jingle. Getting you up to speed on some jargon before I give you the list of 30 (yes 30) cuts in this package. I feel it isn't practical to post the individual cuts here, so I've included them all as they were on the video tape, with silence between cuts on one 320kbps stereo mp3. The quality is impressive given the source. Enjoy! From 1989, Buick Music

Buick w/Piano Solo 01-Sing Out :60 02.-Instrumental:60 03.-Sing Out (vers. A) :30 04.-Instrumental (vers. A) :30 05.-Sing out (vers. B) :30 06.-Instrumental (vers. B) :30 07.-Full Sing (vers. A) :10 08.-Instrumental (vers. A) :10 09-Full sing (vers. B) :10 10-Instrumental (Vers. B) :10

Guitar and Sax Solos 11-Sing Out :60 12.-Instrumental:60 13.-Sing Out (vers. A) :30 14.-Instrumental (vers. A) :30 15.-Sing out (vers. B) :30 16.-Instrumental (vers. B) :30 17.-Full Sing (vers. A) :10 18.-Instrumental (vers. A) :10 19-Full sing (vers. B) :10 20-Instrumental (vers. B) :10

Buick Piano Version 21.-Sing Out :60 22.-Instrumental:60 23.-Sing Out :30 24.-Instrumental :30 25.-Sing out :10 26.-Instrumental :10

Rock and Roll 27.-Donut :60 28.-Instrumental :60 29.-Donut :30 30.-Instrumental :30