Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sooner or later is assuming a lot......

From 1981, we have two full sing jingles for General Tire. some basic catchy lyrics assuming you'll buy general tires at some point because it sticks in your mind when you actually go shopping for tires (instead of looking for how cheap you can do it like the rest of us).

The first jingle here adds some really lame, clunky lyrics that come off like someone at the ad agency told them they had to add to the jingle, while the second one works far better, getting the basic message across "sooner or later you'll own generals" the funny thing is, it's almost too basic, because there really isn't a actual good reason reason WHY you should own generals. That's probably why the "donuts" are used...to add announcer copy to the spot.

From March 1981, General Tire Jingle Package
Produced by Leo Burnett Ltd
From Tape MCS-35061 (media communication services)
Cut 4-Alternative Full Vocal and Cut 1-Full Vocal each :60 (in that order)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Lost Burger Joint....

..well, it isn't really lost, it actually is remembered fondly south of the border in the US, it was never here in Canada, but these spots just came north of the border in a box of commericals I bought from a guy in Ohio off Ebay a few years back (and no doubt a lot of them will eventually end up here on the jetsam)

Burger Chef had its humble beginnings much like the Mcdonalds and Burger Kings and Dairy Queens that are still around. Bought by Hardees in 1981, it remained in operation until 1996, and obviously has left a mark on many people, in fact here's a whole WEBSITE dedicated to the franchise. Nostalgia is big on the internet. and just think what history would have been forgotten if blogs like this and website like the burger chef site didn't exist?

OK, so you tube has a 1974 Burger Chef COMMERICAL for your visual delight, but now for a delight for your ears.

Apparently, having fish at a burger joint is a big deal, at least for Burger Chef. Their new "Mariner" Meal radio spots have all the plastic hype you expect from 1977 and the jingle to match. Sometimes I miss the 70's for that reason. Everything is too serious now. Still, let's hear two spots promoting "Fish, at a Burger Place"

From January 1977 (to run 02/77-04/77)
Burger Chef "Mariner-Fish Lovers" # BC 60 2061R
Produced by Ogilvy and Mather, NYC
Dub From Syncrofilm Services NYC


From January 1977 (to run 02/77-04/77)
Burger Chef "Mariner-You Got a Fish Lover" # BC 60 2062R
Produced by Ogilvy and Mather, NYC
Dub From Syncrofilm Services NYC


Finally, does anyone pay remember the 1970s "King Kong" movie from Paramount? Yeah, that's what I figured. Big budget, big names, and largely a big flop. Details to refresh your memory HERE They might have had big glasses as a promotional tie in with the film at Burger Chef, as the radio spot implies, but they're were probably not that big...but the commerical certainly tries, rather humorously, to be. enjoy!

From April 1977
Burger Chef "King Kong Glasses REV # 2"
Produced by unknown


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cars Cars Everywhere.....

Car salesman are...well....Sales Weasels. They have to be. They have to convince you to buy a big ticket item, often tens of thousands of dollars. they're livelihood depends on it. Some are sleazier then others, but they all bend the truth to a degree, but as long as you both walk away satisified, what's the problem?

When I heard this jingle, I thought, yeah, I can see 3 salesmen in suits plastic as one would expect doing this off broadway infomerical to get you all hyped up to buy a car. You get so enthralled in it all you're so hyped up, and can see anyone at the end of it all yellling "WHERE DO I SIGN?"

OK, back to reality.....

A fun jingle with some well established industry known talent:

- Canadian Artist/ VO Guy Keith Hampshire, known for his 1970s cover of Cat Stevens "First Cut is the Deepest" and his years of doing VO for McCain's Fries National TV Commericals (if I ever meet the guy, I want to hear him say "tastitaters" in person) he's still singing. keithhampshire.com is the place to find our more.

-Mike Kirby, a veteran national canadian voice talent, has been the voice for HGTV canada, and various national campaigns (including as of this date, one promoting Burger King's new Steak Burger in canada) also teaches his craft at voiceworx.com

-Jayne Eastwood, who does the female intro and extro, because, well, she's female. You KNOW a TV movie destined for the american market is made in Toronto, or in canada in general, when Jayne appears. she's carved a 40 year TV and film acting career and still stayed in her home and native land (which is not an easy thing with the lures of hollywood) I guess she picked up a few extra bucks here. details on her wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jayne_Eastwood

OK, probably too much talk, but even though it's 20 years old (ish) and long time jetsam, it's still fun to listen to.

From 1989, GM Atlantic Dealers "Delivery Boys-Full Sing Version" R-ATD-90-401-60E
Produced by Mccann Erickson Advertising, Ltd
From Panfor Dubbing Tape # 121013
:60 sec full Sing


This is just..well fun! You can really see this happening, that's what gets me. I can't tell you anything more... except it's an actual commerical and not strictly a jingle. If I tell you anything more, it will ruin it.

From 1996, Thrifty Car Rental "Byron" 96-TCR-01:60E
Produced by MJM Media Productions, Hamilton Ont.
:60 sec Commerical


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cuttin the Rug.....

Here's two jingles for carpet stores where I live in Atlantic Canada. Even if you have hard wood floors all over your place, these very catchy jingles do what advertising does best, put the bug in your ear about where to go for the product, using repetition and lyrics that command your attention in 30 or 60 seconds. After awhile, you may find yourself singing these jingles in the most unlikely places and people might think you're weird. That's OK, as you're happy about it all when you're singing right?

TK's Carpet Full Sing 30 secs.
Producer and Date unknown


Ritchie's Carpet Warehouse Full Sing 30 secs (...come on down!)
Producer: Koko Productions, Vancouver Date unknown.