Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cuttin the Rug.....

Here's two jingles for carpet stores where I live in Atlantic Canada. Even if you have hard wood floors all over your place, these very catchy jingles do what advertising does best, put the bug in your ear about where to go for the product, using repetition and lyrics that command your attention in 30 or 60 seconds. After awhile, you may find yourself singing these jingles in the most unlikely places and people might think you're weird. That's OK, as you're happy about it all when you're singing right?

TK's Carpet Full Sing 30 secs.
Producer and Date unknown


Ritchie's Carpet Warehouse Full Sing 30 secs (...come on down!)
Producer: Koko Productions, Vancouver Date unknown.



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  2. 8 years late, but Thank you for posting the Ritchie's jingle! :)