Saturday, June 28, 2014

I can't believe these were generic jingles.........

It's been a couple months since I dug into my Pepper Tanner generic jingles LP's from the early 1970s, so now is a good time to do it.

This stuff is LAME! I mean, REALLY lame. Sometimes though, that's the appeal. I don't know about that for these though. Maybe it was targetted for stations that really can't be edgy. It's the early 70s. It's either the pop top 40 with the "now sound" or the middle of the road, E Z listening, Lawrence Welk is god, Variety show bland sound of some of the FM stations of the time. Maybe that's what these were for. not sure, don't care, but hell, enjoy them anyway.

Of special note, is the Halloween jingles on one side. Those things make Count Floyd from SCTV fame look like Jason from Friday The 13th....seriously. Might be fun to mix em in a Halloween compilation in a few months. Enjoy!

Disc 5224 Side One


Disc 5224 Side Two


Disc 5227 Side One


Disc 5227 Side Two

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