Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Summertime......with Sun Safety and Food on the Brain!!!!!

Since it is summer, I thought I'd pull a few from the 80s and 90s with a summer theme or what aired in the summertime based on the dates on the tape boxes. We get rather Canadian focused for the most part, but funny thing is, 2 of the jingles cover American classic hits. I have made a single mp3 file for each reel tape this month, as it's just easier for me to deal with.

The Canadian Cancer Society in the summer of 1995 rewrote "Little Deuce Coupe" by the Beach Boys into "Slip Slap Slop" and created an effective way to remember to put on some sunscreen and stay out of the sun at certain times of the day. It's very memorable, and almost 20 years later, still effective. Just goes to show you how good song writing just seems to last forever. These aren't "full sing" jingles, there is people on these spots, but still fun to listen to for the entire spot.

Canadian Cancer Society-Sun Sense Radio Announcements (1995)


Speaking of the Beach Boys, which even the thought of them instantly transports you to a summer on the beach, the canadian burger chain "Harvey's" (since 1959) turned out this "Beach Boys" full sing jingle in the summer of 1986. I think it's safe to say it wasn't the group, or even one of their songs, but this sound alike is catchy, sticks in your ear and really makes me think of a fun summers day...though not necessarily eating burgers, unless your hungry of course...maybe that was the idea. Hungry? Harvey's!

Harvey's-Beach Boys (1986)


Also on the summer menu is "The Keg" a Canadian Steakhouse restaurant chain founded in 1971 in Vancouver BC. Simply called "summer" I get the feeling this full sing jingle wants you to drop in when you have a chance and get a "taste of summer" which obviously includes steak. hell, beats cooking on a hot day.

The Keg-Summer (1990)


Finally, Mcdonalds in Canada can't be left out. 20 years ago this month, they were promoting their Chicken Fajitas as a menu item by rewiring the classic hit "La Bamba" to their use. I really forget if they still have the product, I'll have to go look the next time i'm there, but don't go and expect the promotion price....You're about 20 years too late...:)

McDonalds-La Bamba (1993)