Tuesday, October 23, 2012

75th Years Of Radio in Canada.....and 70s Jeans...

1994 was the 75th anniversary of radio in Canada, initially started in 1919 by Ted Rogers, in what would eventually be CFCF in Montreal, radio with support from the railway, would eventually go coast to coast in a matter of a few years. Rogers is still one of the biggest media companies in Canada, with roots in TV, cell phones, and of course radio. They also own the Toronto Blue Jays (at least partially)

This jingle package was created for the event. Not sure if anyone used it on the air, but you could almost use it today. It's a nice tribute to the medium with a few other spots within the reel besides jingle also. enjoy>


We step back to the 70s with this jingle from Levis. Known for their TV commericals in the 70s and 80s, you don't hear a lot of the radio spots from that era, so here's one.


Until Next Month.....