Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yes, More Lang Worth Christmas.....and some Christmas stories from the generic jingle folks.....

Here at the jetsam, we focus on jingles. Afterall, we are the JINGLE jetsam. It's really a no brainer. I suppose this is why I have resisted these discs until now, because they aren't really jingles. Still, I know some of you hard cores are looking for Christmas material to complete your compilations, play in the background while you trim the tree, drive through a snowstorm in the car with (drive safely), whatever you want to do with the material to enjoy the holidays, so let's bend the rules on this post with some unique material from the past, likely the 1960s. ]

This first disc pretty much sums up everything Christmas I have from Lang Worth and has been posted on the jetsam. It could be called a radio show I suppose, as a few interesting tidbits from an announcer mixed in with very short versions of Christmas carols that sound older then Alastair Sim's version of "A Christmas Carol" in fact they'd probably fit in nicely in that film. Fun stuff for a compliation/mp3 player.

Carols For Christmas Side One


Carols For Christmas Side Two


Now, we have from the Pepper Library what appears to be a generic feature that you can easily customize for a local advertiser called "Tales of Christmas" This disc comes complete with 6 stories each running around 4 minutes, and even the music theme bed to customize it with your local announcer for Joe Dry Cleaners, Barry's Locksmith company, or any other advertiser who wants to buy time to make themselves look good. Funny Thing is, to me, these stories have a cartoon feel to them in the production side of things. These remind me of the old 60s cartoon "The Mighty Hercules" where the voice actors tended to go a bit over the top because it's a kids cartoon. This is what these stories sound like. Not that's it's a bad thing, it's sort of adds to the charm of them. It's a bit less warm and fussy, and more over the top. I always expec Newton the Centaur from hercules to pop up on these somewhere. Enjoy.

Tales Of Christmas Side One


Tales Of Christmas Side Two


Enjoy these exhibits of a holiday nature and have a great new years eve 2014. We'll be back in the new year, maybe with some 70s beer spots, but time will tell.

Also, those who enjoy Christmas programming, check out my internet radio stream TCAN-The Time Capsule Audio Network, as we are playing some unique shows that we only play once a year. here's the link:


Check out the schedule page or either the flash or HTML websites for details.

Have a great Holiday Season.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yes Virginia....there will be Christmas Jingles!

Tis the Season!

Happy US Thanksgiving by the way.

I cleaned out a lot of the readily available Christmas material already posted here in the Jetsam. It caused me to dig a bit deeper and a little stumbling on some tapes when I was looking for something else certainly helped also. It's the serendipitous voyage that it seems is my life now and then. Not always, because if it was, I'd probably have a few million bucks in the bank by now from lottery winnings, but enough to say...that's freaky!

While we mainly focus on national material here, Christmas gives me an opportunity to dip into my local/regional side of my collection from my area here in Atlantic Canada also know as "The Maritimes". You may not know the advertiser, but it's still a memorable christmas jingle created to show up on the air just in time for the holidays....imagine that! yeah...amazing how all this christmas stuff happens just in time for the it's holiday magic or something.

That's a lead in to the first jingle, 20 years ago, from 1993. The local franchise of IGA came up with this jingle for their chain of stores called "Holiday Magic" featuring local musicians. It's a funky, upbeat original jingle that is also a full two minute song you ca mix in with the christmas traditional material you play every year.

Holiday Magic (1993) full two minute version


Holiday Magic (1993) 60 second version with IGA mention.


Next we have another regional business, Irving Oil. You can sort of argue that they are beyond a regional business I suppose, having expanded into the US state of Maine, but still a big part of the region, with service stations in all 3 martime provinces, home heating and a different division for forestry. It's a big company, with a nice message for the radio listeners 30 years ago this Christmas. This was a dub from a radio station from the company home town of Saint John, NB.

Irving Oil (Christmas) 1983 2, 60 second spots..jingle with announcer.


Finally, let's dig out some vintage somewhat dated Christmas production music from the late 70s. As usual, I just transferred both sides of the vinyl LP, and let you cut it up. These discs suffer from abuse in a radio production studio, production does that, but still survive to see an appearance here. I've cleaned them up a bit, but still a bit of nose if you listen closely. It will saty up here until the ceast and desist copyright orders come in.

The Production Source Disc CL 17 (Commerical Length disc 17) (1979)

Side One


Side Two


More posts, time permitting next month, but at least we have a few.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ohhhhh...Alright, guess no more Blockbuster nights!

No, I haven't abandoned this blog, just sporadically posting exhibits when I see fit. I want it to continue, and it will continue, as I find material or the urge strikes me. You can centainly enjoy the previous material between the posts.

I see in the US that technology finally deals the final blow to a brick and mortar video store staple and probably the last national holdout to the wave of movies available digitally, Blockbuster Video. Here in Canada, Blockbuster closed up shop a couple years ago, but finally the last remnants stateside have decided to close. Shame really, but netflix and even not so legal downloads are a lot easier then hauling your ass off the couch and into a video store to grab a DVD. Technology advancements and convenience win out. Who knew we would be nostalgic to the famous "be kind, rewind" slogan encouraging you to rewind you VHS and betamax tapes so some poor video store schlub wouldn't ahve to do it when it came back, and hey, those mistracking nightmares with our VCR. Everything is too perfect these days. I almost miss lines running through the screen. The key word is ALMOST. I don't think it's enough to want to open a small nostalgic video store and rent VHS tapes and VCR's to people who are nostalgic, but it's a fun thought now isn't it?

Still, may Blockbuster RIP, and here's a jingle you can play if you get nostalgic. "Spend the Night Out In" from 1995.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Summertime......with Sun Safety and Food on the Brain!!!!!

Since it is summer, I thought I'd pull a few from the 80s and 90s with a summer theme or what aired in the summertime based on the dates on the tape boxes. We get rather Canadian focused for the most part, but funny thing is, 2 of the jingles cover American classic hits. I have made a single mp3 file for each reel tape this month, as it's just easier for me to deal with.

The Canadian Cancer Society in the summer of 1995 rewrote "Little Deuce Coupe" by the Beach Boys into "Slip Slap Slop" and created an effective way to remember to put on some sunscreen and stay out of the sun at certain times of the day. It's very memorable, and almost 20 years later, still effective. Just goes to show you how good song writing just seems to last forever. These aren't "full sing" jingles, there is people on these spots, but still fun to listen to for the entire spot.

Canadian Cancer Society-Sun Sense Radio Announcements (1995)


Speaking of the Beach Boys, which even the thought of them instantly transports you to a summer on the beach, the canadian burger chain "Harvey's" (since 1959) turned out this "Beach Boys" full sing jingle in the summer of 1986. I think it's safe to say it wasn't the group, or even one of their songs, but this sound alike is catchy, sticks in your ear and really makes me think of a fun summers day...though not necessarily eating burgers, unless your hungry of course...maybe that was the idea. Hungry? Harvey's!

Harvey's-Beach Boys (1986)


Also on the summer menu is "The Keg" a Canadian Steakhouse restaurant chain founded in 1971 in Vancouver BC. Simply called "summer" I get the feeling this full sing jingle wants you to drop in when you have a chance and get a "taste of summer" which obviously includes steak. hell, beats cooking on a hot day.

The Keg-Summer (1990)


Finally, Mcdonalds in Canada can't be left out. 20 years ago this month, they were promoting their Chicken Fajitas as a menu item by rewiring the classic hit "La Bamba" to their use. I really forget if they still have the product, I'll have to go look the next time i'm there, but don't go and expect the promotion price....You're about 20 years too late...:)

McDonalds-La Bamba (1993)


Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Lang Worth Generic Jingles and production stuff from the 1950s.....

Just a little late with my monthly post....which will likely be more occasional as we move forward. work on other projects and yard work this summer might slow me down to post on the jetsam over the next few months. It makes more sense to me to just post when we have something to post. Stay Tuned.

More from my small collection of Lang Worth Program Service 10 inch records. You see these on ebay now and then, usually at somewhat ridiculous prices. Some people think when it's old it's "collectable" and sometimes they see $$$ in their eyes. Truth is, price is only as good as what someone is willing to pay for it. For this stuff, the demand isn't that high, unless you're someone like me, who likes this stuff. If you're also like me, you collect on a budget, so the lower the price the better....

Here's two discs from the late 50s. One of the sides are various vocal chorus type sings, someone are just intros to have the announcer come in afterward, but still kinda neat to listen to, and maybe you can use these in CD compilations you make just for fun.


MP 157

Side ONE


Side TWO


MP 161

Side ONE


Side TWO


Friday, March 29, 2013's...March 1987......

Well, technically speaking, this weekend in 1987.

I'm doing something a bit different on the Jetsam this month, but first, a bit of background.

The audio posted here is only a small part of what I have collected over the years. Locally recorded audio from the radio station I worked for is part of it, but I also collected syndicated radio shows. These are programs that come in on LP's or CD's or tape are aired once or twice, and then they are technically they are supposed to be "destroyed", but too often are not. because of the small number made, these are often very collectible depending on what the show is or who is on it. Countdowns, music and interview spotlights, retrospectives, they get played on a weekly basis on a lot of radio stations. These days, most of these shows are as near as an mp3 download, but in the past, they were delivered on physical media through the mail system.

If the shows were put out by a network, they often included the US network commericals right on the discs. You play them with the show in order to get the show for's called barter. It was a small price to pay to get a national level hosts or talent on your local radio station as "the place" in your local area to hear Dick Clark or Casey Kasem count down the hits.

You see where I'm going here?

I've started to mine my collecton for national commericals and jingles off the discs. From time to time we will do this in the future, as I do have a nice collection of shows with commericals on them, though some don't, we will focus and transfer the spots off the ones that do.

This collection was taken from "Dick Clark's Rock Roll and Remember" air dated March 26th, 1987. It's a national syndicated oldies show that I believe is still in production even after Dick has passed (well...Wolfman Jack still lives on the air in syndication almost 20 years after he passed so why not Dick?)

We find some interesting jingles from Maxwell House (3 different versions) one of the Flintstones vitamins spots (they just peppered network radio in the 80s with their ads) though the jingle is more about the sing in and out of the spot, The Michelob "In The Air Tonight" radio spot featuring the Phil Collins song...and for fun, though there really isn't a jingle, the Clorets Mike Connors spot when "Mannix" was more about talking about bad breath then chasing bad guys as a PI.

Enjoy the retro 80s trip.....maybe you can dub them to a cassette tape to enjoy them on a Walkman for the ultimate retro experience....:)

Until next month.

Scott S.

Maxwell House Version 1 :60


Maxwell House Version 2 :60


Maxwell House Version 3 :60


Michelob "In The Air Tonight" :60


Flintstones Vitamins :30


Clorets-Mike Connors :30


Thursday, February 28, 2013

For February 2013-Mixing 70's Mcd's with Moving and JC Penny gives a talk....

Just under the wire for February, we dig out a variety of different material...

Here's a complete Jingle Package for Mcdonald's Filet O' Fish advertising for 1977. That's a item that's come and gone over the years. The way McD's does things, it may be in your area, it may not, but certainly a classic up there with the big mac that has instant recognition with the chain.


Out of the tanner generic jingles collection, comes disc 5023, Why? well, I just closed my eyes and picked it. It's a good reason as any isn't it? Side one is focused on moving and storage, while a variety of short jingles and different products take up side two.





Finally, a bonus oddity that is advertising related. I found this at a thrift store and was amazed that it was the actual man, JC Penny giving the actual speech on the disc. An address that he gave to the Inland Daily Press Assocation in May 1953, this was likely recorded after the fact. It's actually a talk on how JC penny depends on newspaper for their primary use of advertising. Dry as hell I suppose, but hell, it's JC Penny! He really reminds me of how WC fields talked in the 1920s and 30s.


Enjoy them all!....back at the end of March.

Friday, January 25, 2013

It's a New Year!! should never borrow money needlessly...

There's some great advise from the past....more on that later.

Happy 2013. It's been a busy month personally, but it's finally calmed down enough to get in this month's jetsam exhibit. I guess I think of this blog as a archives/museum type thing. It's the archivist in me. It's been there since I was a kid, along with a healthy respect for the past. The results are brought to you monthly.

I did have a few comments on some better pics of my RCA 70D turntable, so here is a few. I just put in a new on off switch for the motor that is rotary and with a vintage knob, certainly suits it better then the wall switch. I'm slowly working on trying to plug the holes and doing what I can to clean up the formica scratches. I tend to think that won't work out great based on what I found online so far, but at the least i'll try to make it neat. I don't think I will even consider repainting it, as it has the original paint and it's in fairly good shape. I'm trying to keep as much original as I can.

This is with a standard 12 inch LP on the 16 inch platter.

This is with a 16 inch transcription. This disc is actually part of this month's exhibits.

It's 1958. $1000 was a big deal. Instant cash outlets didn't exist, and one took care with borrowing money. Companies like Household Finance appreciated this, and tailored their commericals that way. These are a combination of both an announcer and jingle.

When you listen to these, keep in mind they were rather serious. You can also keep in mind those JG Wentworth 877-cash now TV commericals that are over the top and really cheesy, because the 1958 jingles today really sound like them....strange but true.


Side 1-SPOTS 1-8


Side 2-SPOTS 9-16


Finally, we have Kmart and a jingle package from August of 1974 that could almost be used today. It's not the usually extremely dated material from the 70s...yes, no wah wah pedal. We have both the "Full Sing" and "Donut" versions of the jingle. Donut=room for the local announcer to do his thing,


Enjoy, and see you next month. Comments, questions, email or post here and i'll do my best to get back to you.

scott s.