Friday, March 29, 2013's...March 1987......

Well, technically speaking, this weekend in 1987.

I'm doing something a bit different on the Jetsam this month, but first, a bit of background.

The audio posted here is only a small part of what I have collected over the years. Locally recorded audio from the radio station I worked for is part of it, but I also collected syndicated radio shows. These are programs that come in on LP's or CD's or tape are aired once or twice, and then they are technically they are supposed to be "destroyed", but too often are not. because of the small number made, these are often very collectible depending on what the show is or who is on it. Countdowns, music and interview spotlights, retrospectives, they get played on a weekly basis on a lot of radio stations. These days, most of these shows are as near as an mp3 download, but in the past, they were delivered on physical media through the mail system.

If the shows were put out by a network, they often included the US network commericals right on the discs. You play them with the show in order to get the show for's called barter. It was a small price to pay to get a national level hosts or talent on your local radio station as "the place" in your local area to hear Dick Clark or Casey Kasem count down the hits.

You see where I'm going here?

I've started to mine my collecton for national commericals and jingles off the discs. From time to time we will do this in the future, as I do have a nice collection of shows with commericals on them, though some don't, we will focus and transfer the spots off the ones that do.

This collection was taken from "Dick Clark's Rock Roll and Remember" air dated March 26th, 1987. It's a national syndicated oldies show that I believe is still in production even after Dick has passed (well...Wolfman Jack still lives on the air in syndication almost 20 years after he passed so why not Dick?)

We find some interesting jingles from Maxwell House (3 different versions) one of the Flintstones vitamins spots (they just peppered network radio in the 80s with their ads) though the jingle is more about the sing in and out of the spot, The Michelob "In The Air Tonight" radio spot featuring the Phil Collins song...and for fun, though there really isn't a jingle, the Clorets Mike Connors spot when "Mannix" was more about talking about bad breath then chasing bad guys as a PI.

Enjoy the retro 80s trip.....maybe you can dub them to a cassette tape to enjoy them on a Walkman for the ultimate retro experience....:)

Until next month.

Scott S.

Maxwell House Version 1 :60


Maxwell House Version 2 :60


Maxwell House Version 3 :60


Michelob "In The Air Tonight" :60


Flintstones Vitamins :30


Clorets-Mike Connors :30



  1. I had a chance run-in with Mr. Conners once, back in the early '80's. Our eyes met & I said, "Hi, Mr. Mannix!". He turned away in disgust & sped away...

  2. not over surprising.....actors are a sensitive lot and don't necessarily want to be know for their characters...unless you pay them money.

  3. I hope you'll have the time to extract more of these.