Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yes, More Lang Worth Christmas.....and some Christmas stories from the generic jingle folks.....

Here at the jetsam, we focus on jingles. Afterall, we are the JINGLE jetsam. It's really a no brainer. I suppose this is why I have resisted these discs until now, because they aren't really jingles. Still, I know some of you hard cores are looking for Christmas material to complete your compilations, play in the background while you trim the tree, drive through a snowstorm in the car with (drive safely), whatever you want to do with the material to enjoy the holidays, so let's bend the rules on this post with some unique material from the past, likely the 1960s. ]

This first disc pretty much sums up everything Christmas I have from Lang Worth and has been posted on the jetsam. It could be called a radio show I suppose, as a few interesting tidbits from an announcer mixed in with very short versions of Christmas carols that sound older then Alastair Sim's version of "A Christmas Carol" in fact they'd probably fit in nicely in that film. Fun stuff for a compliation/mp3 player.

Carols For Christmas Side One


Carols For Christmas Side Two


Now, we have from the Pepper Library what appears to be a generic feature that you can easily customize for a local advertiser called "Tales of Christmas" This disc comes complete with 6 stories each running around 4 minutes, and even the music theme bed to customize it with your local announcer for Joe Dry Cleaners, Barry's Locksmith company, or any other advertiser who wants to buy time to make themselves look good. Funny Thing is, to me, these stories have a cartoon feel to them in the production side of things. These remind me of the old 60s cartoon "The Mighty Hercules" where the voice actors tended to go a bit over the top because it's a kids cartoon. This is what these stories sound like. Not that's it's a bad thing, it's sort of adds to the charm of them. It's a bit less warm and fussy, and more over the top. I always expec Newton the Centaur from hercules to pop up on these somewhere. Enjoy.

Tales Of Christmas Side One


Tales Of Christmas Side Two


Enjoy these exhibits of a holiday nature and have a great new years eve 2014. We'll be back in the new year, maybe with some 70s beer spots, but time will tell.

Also, those who enjoy Christmas programming, check out my internet radio stream TCAN-The Time Capsule Audio Network, as we are playing some unique shows that we only play once a year. here's the link:


Check out the schedule page or either the flash or HTML websites for details.

Have a great Holiday Season.

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