Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back to the glory filled a car, grab a beer and you're in advertising bliss......

These days though, remember not to drink and drive....

I doubt of you would ever think of these too products together in your head, unless you are reading this post. I thought I would start off 2014 on an odd combination note. Why? oh, I don't know, I just found the tape, thought of the 70s, and it just came together. A good enough reason now isn't it?

The rental car industry seemed to be tough in the 70s. AVIS "tried harder". What the heck does that mean? Does that mean they fail harder? Do they not succeed? Makes you wonder if that positioning statement would work today, but it did in the 70s it seems. It also seems that some of my questions are explained in this full sing jingle in this month's exhibit.

This is quite a package, full sings, donuts and even instrumentals. You can even do your own 70s style radio ad with the AVIS jingle music. I do like to be complete.

This seemed to be a couple years before OJ Simpson ran through airports for Hertz. Maybe they should have sent some AVIS spokesguy to chase OJ out of the airport in some fight to the death match to see who was the better car rental company....oh wait, I suppose that's more of a concept of today then the 70s. Oh well.

Enjoy the package. You find a link below to just the full sing Cut 1 on the package and the entire reel.

And speaking of's a Hertz TV spot on your tube from 1978 just for fun OJ SIMPSON HERTZ TV SPOT

Hard to believe it will be 20 years this year that the whole "Trial of the Century" circus started. I'm getting old.

From 1976, AVIS Rent a Car System Inc.

Cut 1-ITAV-R-6116 Full Lyric R 1 :60


All Cuts-Entire Package


Here's more of the beer spot reels I have from the US. I posted the last reel almost 2 years ago in February 2012. I got a great email from a person looking for these jingles, mainly because Glenn Yarbrough sang those. The previous reel is HERE if you are curious.

It's interesting to see how much emotion they are trying to push into these ads. Trying to connect with the everyday joe to buy the product. My first though is, as i'm not a drinker, does anyone really give a you know what about emotion when you want to relax with a cold one, possibly get loaded drunk stumbling down the street or hanging off a cabbie who takes you home and you crawl into the door preparing to puke in the toilet for a "time"? I never got that connection with alcohol. There's more to it they just getting a buzz if you believe these ads.

Enjoy and til next month...I might have a foul mouth jingle for ya.....

From late 1977, Anheuser Busch-Busch Beer 1st Pool 1978

Full Package, all 6 cuts


Contract Obligatory Link


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