Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hi Ho Hey Hey It's our 4th Anniver sarrrrr ey.

OK, that sorta is kinda forced now isn't it?

Still, this month marks the 4th anniversary of the Jetsam. I really didn't think it was that long, but it is. Go figure. I've had ups and downs doing it, but i'm still here, and am glad I am. Hope you continue to enjoy the material here, and i'll answer questions and comments time permitting.

This month we go back likely to the late 1960s, if the titles of the versions of this jingle mean anything. Too often dates weren't put on these things, so you end up guessing. I can still make a somewhat educated one.

This was back when national ads were pressed on vinyl disc, often LP's sometimes 45s. This was a carry over from the old 16 inch transcription disc format from the 1930s-1950s, before tape. From what I have read, ad agencies considered the broadcast tape cartridge (the father of the 8 track) and tape in general to be inferior as a broadcast source then vinyl records, and often insisted (ok TOLD!) stations not to "cart" the audio from the record to playback on cartridge but to play the actual record to air. This mentality eventually disappeared as reel to reel tape became the standard in the 70s, and yes, Broadcast Cartridges did too, even into the 1990s when everything was replaced by a computer.

But tapes were often erased and reused, and well, it was impossible to do that with vinyl, unless you want to make a frisbee out of a record. So these gems still exist. Good thing.

There are 5 versions of the "Hi Ho Hey Hey" Jingle, all of which have that groovy 60s feel to them. All of which are within 1 mp3, to make it easy. Why did I post a photo of the flip side label? It's cool, and you don't see that everyday. I didn't bother with the audio, because, well, if you like silence with clicks and pops, fine, but I'm not big on it.

Enjoy, Til Next Month.

W.M. Wrigley Jr Co.
Spearmint-"Hi Ho Hey Hey"
5x60 Jingles


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  1. Catchy little tunes.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Glad to see you're still around.

  2. thanks doug and for the cross promotion on your website for the jetsam.

  3. thanks doug and for the cross promotion on your website for the jetsam.