Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Want to Sing About Your Business...

It's been a bit busy for me travelling of late, what with the trip to maine and last weekend to Charlottetown PEI last weekend, but back on track to add some material to the blog!

I was cleaning out the "library" in the basement when I found this tape. Most people have books, I have vinyl records, and cassettes and reel to reel tapes from the last 50 odd years. It's my own personal museum of audio I suppose.

Anyway, this seems to be a demo reel from an advertising agency, jingle production company or something in between. From the sound of the jingles on the tape, I would put it between mid to late 1960s. What's kind of funny about this tape is the lack of quality for the guy doing the narration. I can really picture him in some high priced office with not a lot of furniture taking breaks between reading the copy and flipping the pause control on the reel tape recorder (which you can hear by the way!) to get it to sound like he intended. I guess a recording studio was a little too expensive to record for the narration?

In any event, it's a great basic explanation of how jingles and advertising work for a business that still holds up to this day, and the delightfully dated jingles (both within the narration and after the end of the presentation) make it worth a spot here on the jetsam.

1960s Jingle Company Demo...(runs 14:37) (MONO)
Company is Unknown.


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