Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Off the Rack Jingles of the Past.....

I lost count how many "Off the Jack" jingle posts I've done. It's partial laziness, but it's at that point of do we really care? There's going to be more coming as I have my cool LP's from the Pepper Tanner library to play with.

WOW GEE...and it's "just in time for the holiday" don't ya hate that phrase being used for Christmas? It always works itself in some advertising around Christmas time. It's like nothing was planned out for you. It was just a coincidence. Yeah Right.

Well....just in time for the Easter it took me a whole 1/2 hr to dig these out and transfer and upload them for you, because I didn't really plan much of anything in this case (yes, see, there are coincidences after all!) here are 3 Easter "off the racks" for you. As we figure, most of this library is mid-late 1960s into the early they are delightfully dated.





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