Thursday, April 30, 2015

I survived the, some beer and cash.....

Should I start how it seemed to be the winter from hell?

In my area in Atlantic Canada, it was easily the worst winter in a decade, back to back storms dumping feet filled piles on snow down on the roads. I got stuck multiple times in my own driveay, besides the fact of the 5 feet of snow I had to shovel more then once out of the end. You work all week and then have to shovel snow in the driveway, oh wait, even one day I couldn't get to work because the snow drift was too high for the car, I call in sick, and still spend 4 hours shovelling a way out of the driveway. That and being sick on and off because I never had time to really recover....made for a really exhausting last few months. Hope yours was much better.

I guess I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now, as I'm back posting on the jetsam.

One of the things we like to post here is stuff that's likely long forgotten. We can get the more famous TV spots and radio ads on you tube, and other places on line, but over here, if we find something like this, we love posting it because it's likely not been heard since originally aired.

Here's two that haven't been heard in a long time.

Two Carlsberg Light Beer jingles with a real jazz flavor to them. I guess they were trying to market to a more high brow discriminating clientele? makes me wonder.

From 1984, Carling O'Keefe Breweries Ltd. Carlsberg Light
Produced by Ogilvy and Mather (Canada) Ltd.
Duet and Cut Time -English
Each :30 sec full Sing

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As a bit of a bonus, I found a reel doing some sorting around of a PSA that Johnny Cash did for the Seventh Day Adventists on quitting smoking. Apparently their program helped him and now it can help you. The date on this is probably 1970s, but I have nothing to go on. Lots of Johnny Cash fans out there still, so thought i'd put this up as a rare piece of audio.

Johnny Cash Seventh Day Adventists-Quit Smoking PSA's. 3x30

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OH.....A FOOTNOTE!!!!!!

I'm had some inquiries about the MARS Production Library album I posted sometime ago, asking if there were anymore and/or if I had the whole set. The truth is yes and no. Yes I have more (and just actually found them looking for something else a couple weeks ago) and no, I don't have the whole set...maybe 8. It's likely I'll be posting one next month since it's been awhile, and hey, I found the ones I next month to find out for sure.


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