Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Masterplan for 2016

Time does fly! Does anyone remember us?

We focus on Radio Commerical Jingles and those "off the rack" jingles I've come across over the years working in radio production at radio stations. I was always sucker for "full sings" of jingles and packages when I worked in the industry, I'd make copies for me, and i'd take home the LP's of various off the rack stuff, or know someone getting ready to toss it out. I actually trained a creative director (those who write the copy for the commericals) to let me go through the tapes he was about to toss to see if I wanted anything. That certainly came in handy.

I've also helped out a few people come across this page over the years in getting dubs of the exhibits, as what I had was better then what they had. It's great that the jetsam has done this. I won't lie, it takes some time to record edit, clean up (in some cases) and post to this board. I wonder sometimes if it's worth it. I recently received some download links from a visitor of the jetsam which made me think it just might be, so I think it was time to get back to the jetsam. Let's get back on track for 2016.

One word about requests. I do get them now and then. Sadly, I usually can't help them. The reality is that most of the time, the request is such an odd niche impossible to find request, it's likely I will NOT have it, despite the fact that
we have some rather niche rare and odd stuff here. I focus on material found in Canada in my radio station days. That off US spot from a certain state that aired in the month of april 1991 will not be found here. Sure, you can ask, I encourage it, but I'll tell you right now, don't hold hope I can actually help you. It's likely that I cannot, as anything I have usually gets posted here.

And now.....on with this month's exhibits.

From 40 years ago (I just kick myself I didn't save more of these!!) the Masterplan series from TM was a "off the rack" package that seemed to be able to be customized for the client. There are examples for both these jingles and all the workparts and donuts to customize them to your liking. There dated as hell, and yet, not dated at the same time, that is, if you don't take them seriously. Some fun stuff. The department store jingle gave me a few WTF moments...uh....women say that today? Perhaps. My wife doesn't though.

I've tried to make a scan of the contents of Side 1 and 2, hopefully you can read it reasonably well. I've broke it down to Side 1 and 2 as I usually do


More codes Here



More codes Here


Finally, a really DUMB campaign......literally....

Mark's Work Warehouse, a canadian clothing store chain mainly leaning towards work wear turned out this package in August 0f 1991. I don't think i've heard any other jingle using the word "dumb" so creatively. It's clever, catchy and hey, you get a "dumb donut" to play with. Just be careful what you do with it. REALLY!


From 1991, Mark's Work Warehouse "Dumb Dumb"
Produced by Ogilvy and Mather West, Calgary
see tape box scan for tape contents list.

More codes Here


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