Thursday, May 10, 2018

Not skatin around the issue...been busy.

With me, it can be feast or famine sometimes. Too much stuff I want to do, or too the last few months it's been too much. My internet stream acquired a new to me 12 channel audio console from a commerical radio station last year. so after the months of prep to set it up, the install came at the end of march, and time tweaking things since. Things are finally calming down to get the jetsam back on track again.

Speaking of skating ( well did I plan that one!) did you ever go see or did the Ice Capcades every appear in your town? It was usually a big deal when they did. I never did see them myself, but certainly knew it when they came to town, as radio and TV got the ad blitz to promote them. It was so intense, it was almost like aliens were here to meet the leaders (chances are they'd be disappointed if they actually did meet the leaders if social media complaining is any indication) but then you KNEW the Ice Capades were HERE! so it was effective.

Wikipedia says that ran over 50 years, starting in 1940, until about 1991 and then called Dorothy Hamill international from 1993-1995, which isn't really as a catchy name, so maybe that's why they closed down, who knows.

The ET posting for this month's exhibit is a diac a lot of stations got for the 1976-77 year of the Ice Capades, featuring Karen Magnussen for that season it seems. The wiki on Karen is HERE She certainly has some impressive credentials.

I've also included the script for the live tags for the "west" version of the spots, as is came with the disc. the odd thing is, the is no copy on the actual scripts that goes with this jingle. Just other versions. Maybe the rest of the discs got lost, who knows. It's about a 15 second ending so, there's one :15 sec copy you can probably use if you want to create your own vintage ad.


Out of our contributor Sam's library, we present more TTS and Total Tanner Sound Library discs....







  1. Now that I have a BlogSpot account again (Long story about what happened there), I'm able to comment here again.
    Okay - Here are a couple of records from the 3200's category, which had jingles built around slogans. In the 80's, side 2 of 3200's records had instrumental tracks.
    "There's No Substitute for Experience" is intriguing to me because it has what sounds sortof like "Batman" music, with a brief "Charlie Brown" part thrown in.