Thursday, August 29, 2019

Come On Over.....and I'll buy you a Beer......

I haven't had some 1970s US Beer spots in awhile it seems....well, if I did it recently in the last year or so, I couldn't find them on a quick google search, so here's some more. From a tape collection I bought years ago off ebay, i'm still getting some mileage out of the material in it. No doubt most, if not all these reels are jingles forgotten in time. One thing that amazes me is how hravily compressed the audio is. It was the era I suppose, AM radio was king, and everything is produced for AM Radio. Heavily compressed meant pushing out of your speakers much like squeezing a balloon and watching it bulge in certain areas. The bulge is the loudness of the audio increased. It does sacrifice audio quality though. The quality isn't much better then a black and white TV back then. It still got the message across.

From April 1976 a Variety of Jingles for Papst Blue Ribbon Beer. Note that cut 4 on this tape was ruined by someone recording over part of it, so with a bit of editing of the :60 jingle from cut 1, I came reasonably close to the original.

From September 1976 (based on the side label on the box) 3 version of Miller Lite Beer.


Finally, from May 1977, this really isn't a jingle, but some great creative about beer. Seems a quick google search implies the company is still around too, or maybe it's just someone else used the name for a restaurant. In any event, there's are 2 great spots.


All the Best. Scott

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