Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lifestyles of those Schillin for Mufflers.......

I can't help but wonder what ad agency came up with combining how much you can save by using Meineke's muffler and brake services with how you can live like "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous" host Robin Leach, or the wealthy people he profiles on his syndicated TV show from 1984-1995. For that matter, who convinced Robin's agent to do these so-so radio spots for Mieneke doing the famous line "you're not going to pay a lot for this muffer" with a guy who comes off like he lights cigars with 100 dollar bills? If the guy gave a flying F*** about the cost of pretty much anything is really not my idea of a great way to promote how you can save money by going to meineke, as we all know you're not going to save enough to go to dizzy world on vacation, but I suppose commericals tend have a bit of a license to embellish and exaggerate just a bit now don't they?

From 1992, here's 6, count em, 6 60 spots with Robin Leach proving he may sorta live like the Rich and Famous, but even if mufflers come a callin, Money talks.

Meineke Mufflers Feat. Robin Leach
Producer and Agency Unknown
(1) Family :60
(2) Fisherman :60
(3) Gourmands :60

(1) Airplane GEN 1 :60
(2) Auction GEN 2 :60


(1) Nobody/Canada Mp3 :60

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