Friday, July 16, 2010

There's just something not right......

...about a happy jingle about store selling adult entertainment. I mean, it's not something you brag to friends. in amongst the sport scores can you imagine saying "..did you check out the latest ron jeremy video down at"....or maybe "wow that buns of europe video is hot down at.."???? Really!

Still, this seems an effort to make "adults only" a mainstream, nowhere as seedy as you expect these places to be, type of image for the stores. With lyrics like "...where you feel so right at home.." it really puts an interesting picture in my head of guys with trenches coats walking around the store can get your own seedy picture in your head. To me, it's just a bad idea.

It's a bad idea that has a bit of entertainment value...enjoy!

Date and Producer Unknown
"Adults Only" Video Stores
:30 Full Sing.


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