Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Radio Hucksters.....Off the Rack Jingles Part 1

This is the first in what hopes to be a large number of posts of "off the rack" jingles that have been produced over the years. Off the Rack jingles can be compared to clothing, sometimes you have it custom made, sometimes you just buy it "off the rack". Most of the time jingles are custom produced or custom sung to a package, but some of the stuff you hear is totally generic for a reason, so anyone can use it at almost any time.

Little seems to be found online for Lang Worth Feature Programs Inc, but suffice it to say they were a service which supplied jingles, feature programs and even music to radio stations in the 1930s 40s and 50s. Lang Worth was one of several, NBC Thesaurus, World Broadcasting System, Standard Broadcast Library, all provided necessary elements to enhance local radio stations of the time, as this was before record companies realized the value of supplying free promotional records to radio. Material was delivered on 16 inch radio transcription discs, or smaller, and often discarded after time. Fortunately, someone left a few in a radio station attic (among a few 100 odd 16 radio transcript discs) in the 1980s and this is how I came across them.

From 1957, we have some "Radio Hucksters" from Lang Worth. These jingles could be used to wrap around live or recorded commerical copy to enhance the spot. Campy now, but not back then......enjoy!

From 1957, Radio Hucksters
Produced by Lang Worth Feature Programs

Safety Driving # 1 (open and close)


Safety Driving # 2 (open and close)


Sporting Goods-Hunting






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