Sunday, November 13, 2011

TM Jingle Demos........

A first time on the Jetsam, posting vintage jingle demos from TM, certainly a major player in radio station jingles for decades. I just happened to find these tapes around and thought i'd post them. The "Sounds Like" package was actually used at a radio station I worked with either in the late 70s or early 80s, hence why I have the tape. The other is so dated for the 70s, it's campy.

Just a brief note on an issue that happens now and then. I occasionally get emails asking what jingles I have and do you have this or that and would you like to trade. The funny thing is, I really am not a hard core jingle collector. Yes I like jingles, they are part of the advertising medium and radio stations, but I don't collect one thing over another. While I welcome people emailing to ask if I have something they are looking for, I am not looking to trade whole packages or do a massive dub of everything I have to trade. You are certainly welcome to anything posted here, and time permitting, can dub any specific material on a case by case basis, but I have other projects I do. Please consider this if you want to email me. If you also have the "Solid Gold Saturday Night" package from the mid-late 80s (a syndicated show from the United Stations Radio Networks) that's something different.....

But back to the demos....

All I will say is......ENJOY!

Date Unknown, TM-Sounds Like Jingle Package Demo


Date Unknown, TM-The Producer Demo


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