Monday, September 26, 2011

Brushing your teeth is HOT!

How's your Love Life?

The power of advertising over the decades is that they can sell anything to almost anyone...with the right motivation.

In other matter what decade, SEX SELLS!

True the standards change over the years, getting more and more risque these days, compared to say, 1974, but it hasn't changed in 100 years (or more) we guys are such suckers for a pretty girl, you can put slime in her hands and as long as she looks good, we'll buy and buy and buy.

Ultra Brite toothpaste was big on sex selling in the 70s. Anything that starts off with "How's your Love Life?" isn't going to be too wholesome, but like those Axe Body Spray TV ads of today, this ultrabrite Toothpaste radio spot of yesterday takes a comic spin on the sex side of things, as that way, they can get away with it without much flack from a broader audience.

It must have worked....the product is still around, though it's not as easy to find as some of the leading tooth pastes.

If you want sex appeal today....choose suggestive clothing, or you can track down a tube of Ultra Brite and let your imagination run wild. God, wouldn't it be nice if some of the world of advertising was actually reality?

From 1974, Ultra Brite Tooth Paste
:60 sec US Radio Spot


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