Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Coming.........

Well....last we left things, I was getting ready to move, to somewhere, and we had a deadline to move quite a bit of electronics vinyl, CD's and of course, the tapes that you hear on the jetsam. I'm glad to report that the move went well over 3 days and 5 17 foot cube van's full, but it was done on time.

Now the fun started...sorting, finding where to put stuff and finding stuff to begin with. The biggest challenge was assembling the main production facility where I dub the tapes to the computer. We are back up and running!

Over the next couple of weeks, watch for a new post here on the jetsam. I'm planning for the end of September if all goes well.

This is just a post to say, HI...we're here! It's not a dead blog and stay tuned.....

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