Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Break for the Jetsam so I can chew my gum away.....


I've decided to take a break this summer with the jetsam. The main reason? I'm moving. I have a LOT of stuff. Only a fraction of it is heard on the jetsam. radio shows, a large vinyl and CD collection, studios for both production and my internet radio stream, all with vintage broadcast gear and computers, you can see where this is going. It takes time to pack and tear down and unpack and rebuild. The weekly radio show "Cheeze Pleeze" ( and the stream ( will be given a bit of priority to be up and running and then the jetsam will be back. I thank you for all the letters and support i've had over the last year with this project, and want to stress, it's isn't permanent, it's just a break. we'll be back in the fall sometime.

Let's throw in one more exhibit before we start the break. Circa 1960s Wrigley spearmint gum jingles from another ET record that had me stand up and take notice when I saw the label. It's from the Universal Recording Corp in Chicago. It's a legendary studio in the city from the 1940s onward started by a man who pioneered numerous recording techniques and tricks and moved to hollywood in the late 50s to start yet another legendary recording studio of his design, Bill Putnam.

You can read more about Universal on the wiki HERE

Well, I suppose records didn't just pay the bills alone...commerical jingles certainly helped too.

I've put all 8 60 sec spots on one mp3 file.

Enjoy! and have a great summer!


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