Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off the Rack Jingles for May 2011

Another randomly picked LP from the pepper/tanner collection of albums I received awhile back. Some of this stuff is in such great shape I wonder if it was ever used. It really follows the belief of the jetsam, to help preserve the material that would have been lost and live for another day, or use.

With this bunch in particular, you can really let the imagination run wild, as some of these jingles can be uset up to be taken out of context. "Hey Pretty Girl" and "We Do" in particular stick out as a couple, that, well, have "possibilities depending on how creative you are, but hey, if you just like jingles, you'll enjoy them too.

As previous posts have done, side 1 and side 2 of the album are separate mp3's with each side's jingles. See the label scans for details.






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  1. "Up is a Great Way to Move", "Stop-Look-Listen", and the wonderful "Money", had clips of them in a 70's "Creative Sales Service" demo tape I used to have and now have on an audio file.