Saturday, April 23, 2016

TV Dinners.....and other frozen fun from the mid 20th Century!

After being sick last month around good friday, I decided to take the month off for a jetsam post. Yeah, lazy me.

We're back with jingles reflecting a invention of the mid 20th century....the TV dinner. Swanson was the first to have success, when sitting down in front of the TV to eat was the 1950s equilvalent of people and staring at their smartphones today (and people act like staring at screens is new!!! geesh). It was a time to give mom a break for cooking (Mcdonalds was just starting to have success around that time so fast food as we know it today was hardly known) and the family bonding in front of the TV while they watch their favorite shows. Some more details on the wiki page HERE

Banquet has been a Swanson competitor for almost as long as Swanson has turned out TV dinners, well according to their details on their own WEBSITE Banquet though started out with meat pies and that is reflected on the spots on this disc (see the labels for details!). One can argue which tastes better, Banquet or Swanson, but i've had both, so I'll leave the preferences for another day and let you enjoy these banquet radio spots from I believe 1960 to get you in the mood to head to the microwave and throw in your own TV dinner as you are too lazy to cook yourself something. Even after 60+ years, they are still cheaper then going out even for fast food. Enjoy..the spots and your TV dinner :)





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