Saturday, May 28, 2016

Generic Cheese.......and how about a little beer with that?

We have more off the rack generic commericals they used to tie into a local sponsor, often as a start off to get your attention, and this stuff, likely from the late 1950s or early 1960s will do that. You could air this today to get someone's attention (with probably a bit of WTF moments by a listener) for nostalgia purposes I suppose. The great thing about virtually anything connected to advertising is that it's dated for the times, and is often why it's so great. Advertising defined the era it was in and this doesn't disappoint.

This disc has the same thing on both sides, so no sense is putting up 2 pics of the label. This company also did radio station jingles of the same era and a wide range of other services for radio stations. check out this link in a 1963 Billboard magazine HERE


Moving into the 1970s we bring you another reel of Beer spots from 40 years ago....likely they were on the air around this time in the year of 1976. Not sure who "Morrison" is, though I think it's safe to say it's not Van Morrison. If you know, post below. always fun to know more details regarding the stuff I post.



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  1. The "Real Estate" jingle sounds like it starts with a guy saying "Hey sonofa---es..."
    Anyway... It's interesting to hear an ad for "the money store" in a generic sense, before there was an actual loan company by that name.