Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beer, Drugs and Fast Food.....startin the summer off right!

Well, with a statement like that on the jetsam, it's not what you think, but hell you knew that right? All we have around here is jingles, and it's not a seedy part of a city where anything is for sale for the right amount of cash. There's probably a blog for it out there somewhere.

This month, we feature a mixed back of material, taking a break from the generic jingles on production LP's. It's very time consuming to do those. These are easy. just grab a few jingle tapes from my archive and awwwaaaaaay we go.

This first one is a nice find, some musical stars of the 70s, doing their thing on 4 Schlitz Beer ads from 1977. There are 5 cuts on the tape, but the last one it seems are studio singers musicians. details are on the tape box label pic below.


Canada Day Is July 1st, and the start of the summer.....YAY!!!! Let's check in to see what Mcdonalds offer as a promotion in Canada in the summer of 1989.


Finally, here's the "Romp" full sing jingle for Shopper Drug Mart, also from 1989. Shoppers Drug Mart is the biggest chain of drug stores north of the 49th, and certainly is up there with Canadian Tire and Tim Horton's as a well known canadian brand (despite using some american TV stars to be in their TV spots around this time!). It's everything I want in a drug store...I go there regularly.


Enjoy...til next time.

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