Thursday, January 25, 2018

some tanner.......some wine.........oh so fine.......then a little coffee to recover from it.....

I'm lacking in creative titles for this month's exhibit. Let's leave it at that I guess.

A bit of a different take to start off 2018, with some commericals/spots from a pair of 1960s "ET's" which are electrical transcriptions. That term dates back to the 1930s when the failed experiment for putting sound to film evolved into the 16 inch radio transcription which was in the pre tape era of radio recording. the electrical in the term refers to the use of electrical record equipment used from about the mid 1920s on to record and make records. The previous way had a singer sing loud into a big horn, or likewise for a orchestra, they had to play loud. that was called "acoustic"

By the 1960s though, the term was a bit outdated. The LP was well known (the 12" version of the transcription, with "microgroove" grooves as they called them for a period of time) and often agencies would press their commericals onto vinyl because the sound was felt to be better to play off a record on the air then the fairly new broadcast cartridge tape format (grandfather of the 8 track!)

Eventually, the broadcast cart won out and was widely used until computer automation took over in the 1990s, commericals from the mid 1970s on where primarily tape (as proven here in the jetsam with pics of the tape boxes) but thankfully, we have some of these commericals because of the ET aspect of it. Here's two of them for you. Not all of these are jingles, in fact there are no full sings here, but still some neat nostalgia to serve up.

Hills Bros Coffee-Repeat Reheat 1965


Monarch Wine-One Minute Announcements 1968


Also this month, our contributor Sammy brings me TTS 3004 to post this month, after talking about it briefly last month. It's dated like all of the jingles of this sort, but there's still a charm about it. Now we just need some campy ad copy to go with it and y'all be all set YEE HAH!






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