Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lang Worth Airlifts Demo.....

Dave Stuckey dropped me a line last month saying he found the page looking for more info on Lang Worth Jingles. He says:

"Have you heard the Hucksters sales record? I found it somewhere here on the net - I think! -- and it's really great... I would love to hear unexpurgated versions!"

Thanks to Dave, I have downloaded it and posted it here for other people to get a grasp at the hucksters and airlifts that this company that seems virtually forgotten online seemed to have put out.

Time permitting, I will be posting some Christmas material, both jingles and beds from the Lang Worth Hucksters and Airlifts series in the very near future. While I don't have a many discs of this series, I enjoy sharing what I do have.

Until then...enjoy the demo. Thanks to my wife for creating the graphic from one of the rather plain record covers VERY quickly.

Lang Worth Radio Hucksters and Airlifts Demo Disc
Date Unknown

SIDE A (Runs 10:27)


SIDE B (Runs 14:08)



  1. I'm having a terrific time going through your site.
    I have lots of vintage OTR programs and stock music, but I'm low on more recent radio spots.
    Thank you.

  2. I just found your site on a search for Lang-Worth Radio Hucksters. I just bought 266 today.
    You got a neat site.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Now I have to go, haven't listened to mine yet.

  3. I have a few "Radio Hucksters & Airlifts" records. It's neat to hear the demo record for it!