Saturday, November 6, 2010

People's Jewellers......

In Canada....People's is a well known chain of Jewelers, you could call them the Zales of Canada....literally, Zales bought them out years ago.

Before they did however, they produced some unique 80's Canadian sounding jingles (which makes sense, as hell, it was 1987!)

What do I mean by "80's Canadian"? some of the music in the late 80s in Canada seemed to have some kind of saxophone solo pop up somewhere in the song...not every song mind you, and not necessarily just songs, as we can attest here, but after awhile, as everything mushes together in my mind after listening to what seems to be a lot of songs and jingles in the 80s and what's left over that you remember from growing up as a teenager in that time? The saxophone stays with you.

This is one of the better produced jingles i've heard in the late 80s.

Peoples Jewellers "Diamonds" Full Sing :60 (1987)
(details on tape box pic above)


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