Saturday, November 6, 2010

Steed and Jacob Marley selling cluck for a buck...

Your probably saying WTF on the title? Actually I thought that was a rather creative tease to make your read the rest, but don't worry I will now reveal.

Patrick Macnee has had an extraordinary career in stage film and television for over 60 years. One of the first times I saw him (at didn't know it at the time) was a bit part playing a young Jacob Marley in my favorite version of "The Christmas Carol" starring Alastair Sim in 1951. He would be more well known as "Steed" in "The Avengers" and "New Avengers" in the 1960s and 70s and many other guest star roles in film and TV.

Seems though, like many well known actors, he's taken to be spokesman or pitchman for a few bucks in between acting assignments. Unlike Orson Welles and the famous outtake where Orson walks out of the voiceover session because he's frustrated with the direction, Patrick does well, and it actually makes it to air.

Here is a 1988 radio spot, part of a TV campaign also (though you tube could not confirm my memories from the 80s) which Patrick plays a restauranteur who cannot compete with "Swiss Chalet" and their prices for 1/4 chicken dinners. It's very "unfair"(let's suspend reality for this spot, and no competing "restauranteur" would be foolish enough to whine about the competitions prices on THEIR commericals) a interesting direction to make the price point stand out.

Enjoy this no doubt rare spot that i'm sure isn't on Patrick Magnee's resume.

Swiss Chalet "Complete Meal Deal-Unfair" (maritime version) :30

(details on tape box pic above)


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