Monday, January 10, 2011

GO For the GREED!!!!

We start off 2011 with a 45 that's a bit of a mystery.

This record was likely produced during the early days of lotteries in Canada, at least national lotteries, likely mid-late 1970s or into the early 80s. We actually had nationally televised draws at one point.

Most of the lotteries today in Canada are regionally run, though some tickets like Lotto 6-49 can be bought across Canada. Times have changed, but the drive to buy more tickets with the bigger jackpots because the average joe sees dollar signs in their eyes certainly hasn't

The puzzle lies in the actual use of the 45. Not for sale or broadcast the label what was it used for? handing out to lottery players so they can take it home and play it over and over and psyche themselves up to buy lots of lottery tickets? At Loto Canada promotional events to play in the background?

One thing is for sure, it's a fun upbeat 2 1/2 minute jingle that can be a bad earworm very easily and get stuck in your brain. The label is also wrong in that the audio is actually stereo, not mono.

As Canada is the home of two official languages, you'll find the french version here also as it was the opposite side of the 45.


Loto Canada "Go For the Big One" English


Loto Canada "Go For the Big One" French


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