Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Been 25 years.....

..since Coca Cola did either the stupidest idea in the company's history, or the smartest promotion they ever did. It really depends on how you look at it. In 1985, Coke came out with "New Coke" which from what I remember tasted more like Pepsi then anything else. A lot of people were upset, rallies, songs were written about not taking the old Coke away, but despite it all Coke plugged along with their promotion of the "new" Coke.

From 1985, "New Coke" radio spots (3 cuts)
Produced by Mccann Erickson Advtg.
From Tape 12713 May 30th, 1985

1."First Taste" 85-160-30
2."Had One" 85-162-30
3."Tried It" 85-161-30


Then, at least in Canada, Coke caved with all the negative publicity about the "new Coke" or was really planned that way all along? It really makes you wonder. A heavy ad campaign called "The Great Canadian Vote for Coke" encouraged the public to call a toll free # and voice their thoughts about Coke. When it was all said and done, everyone won with the introduction of "Coke Classic" as this spot below explains:

From 1985
Produced by Mccann Erickson Advtg.
From Tape 12716 July 23rd, 1985

"Classic Announcement" 85-96-30

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