Saturday, March 27, 2010

We do need another soft drink commerical.......

For Pepsi lovers (though Pepsi is the "p" word in my vocabulary) I can't deny this memorable jingle from 1986 when Tina Turner was hot, and Pepsi was still recovering from Michael Jackson's TV commercial tinged locks.

The TV spot is also memorable, in fact I found it on You Tube

Here is the full 60 second sung jingle with tag by none other then Martin Sheen, which was the announcer voice for the entire "choice of a new generation" campaign that Pepsi did in the summer of 1986. He would go on to.. Well, do I really have to tell you? IMDB is good for that stuff.

From 1986, Pepsi Cola Pepsi Brand
Produced by J Walter Thompson, Toronto
From Tape MCS-50727 (Media Communication Services)
"Tina solo with anncr. tag"
# R-2766-60 full


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